There are no ifs, ands, or "butts" about it—it's Hot Mom Summer. Yes, that's right, 2021 is the summer of hotness for everybody and every BODY , and these five swimsuits are a great place to start to curate your Hot Mom Swimsuit collection.

No matter what your personal style is, each of these five swimsuits brings something classic yet unique to the table.

We're not using fatphobic words like "flattering" or "tummy control" anymore, we're changing our mentality to include phrases like "I like this, so I'm buying it" and "I like the way I look in this" and "I have children, my body may not look like it did when I was a teenager, and that is beautiful and fine and I love myself."

It's been a long year. Life is short. And these swimsuits are basically begging to be worn, right? They're adorable, they're supportive, they offer comfort, cuteness, style and flair. Please, go forth on your Hot Mom Summer journey by embracing yourself and your body and only covering that body in things that bring you joy.

Without futher ado, here are our five fave swimsuits for summer!

Dia & Co. Mykonos One-Piece


Dia & Co.

Why we love it: Olive green is basically universal in how it compliments a wide range of skin tones. And Dia & Co. is a wonderfully size-inclusive company that puts forth quality items for women that tailor to all body types. The plunging neckline is sexy, yet the swimsuit as a whole offers a lot of support and coverage without being dowdy. It comes in sizes 1X-5X.

Albion Fit Black Check Top-Knot



Why we love it: Checkered prints + knots are all the rage right now. If you're looking for an adorable swimsuit that is also supportive and sexy, this is IT. It's got a vintage feel to it but is also so trendy, it fulfills all modern swimsuit requirements. It would also be a super cute maternity bikini! It comes in sizes XXS-XXL.

Old Navy Twist-Front Keyhole Tankini


Old Navy

Why we love it: Keyhole? Check. Leopard print? Check. A two-piece you can feel comfortable in while keeping up with your kiddos? CHECK. Plus, this swimsuit is really affordable—just $25! (As if we needed another reason to love Old Navy.) You need to add this swimsuit to your summer collection! It comes in sizes S-XXL.

Land's End Twist Underwire Bikini


Land's End

Why we love it: It's mulit-colored, it's supportive, and you'd basically look like a walking summer dreamsicle—what's not to love? Seersucker is such a fun, happy summer print, too. The sweetheart neckline with the twist detail in the middle offers coverage with a vintage feel, and the fabric is chlorine-resistant. No fading or stretching here! Land's End really does make some quality swimsuits for moms. It comes in sizes 16W-26W.

Albion Fit Victoria Off-Shoulder One-Piece



Why we love it : It's simply gorgeous! This is a swimsuit that doesn't look like every other swimsuit you see at the beach, you know? It looks like it could also be a gorgeous blouse or scarf, doesn't it? Plus, this swimsuit is available in sizes XS to XXXL, and we love a size-inclusive suit with range.