Mom, thank you for giving me peace of mind while I work

There is no greater gift than knowing my boys are in good hands.

Mom, thank you for giving me peace of mind while I work

We couldn't do it without you, Mom. And I know we say that all the time, but it's the truth. You help in so many ways, it's hard to put all that you do into words. You are a huge part of our village. You help me bear my load of motherhood. But, maybe most importantly, you provide me with the peace of mind of watching my kids while I work.

You always told me that when I had kids, you would quit your job to watch them for me. And, you actually did!

Finding childcare proved to be more challenging than I thought. I couldn't find a place that I felt was right to drop off my 3-month-old newborn when I had to go back to work. Not to mention, the high cost of it all. Not only the monetary cost but the physical and emotional cost of me leaving my children in someone else's care other than my own. It was a lot.

The only thing that I was 100% comfortable with was knowing that if my kids couldn't be in my care, they would be in yours. With their loving and adoring grandma.

I know it comes with challenges, and our situation has had its ups and downs—mostly rooted in the fact that it pains me that it still can't be me with them every day. But, honestly, knowing that they're with you makes it a whole lot easier.

So thank you, Mom.

Thank you for giving them your 100% love and attention, day in and day out.

The days are long, I know that. But you give them your all, each day. When you're sick, when you're tired, and when you would rather be on vacation.

Thank you for teaching them at your own version of school.

All those years teaching is really paying off for my kids. They come home each day with new skills, knowing new things I wouldn't even have thought to teach them. It's impressive. (And appreciated.)

Thank you for buying duplicates of everything for your house.

I can't tell you how easy this makes it for me when I can just drop them off. I don't need to pack toys, or clothes, or bassinets, or bottles. You have everything we need, to make it as easy as possible for us.

Thank you for trying to do things my way.

I know our parenting styles are different, but I appreciate you considering how we want to raise our boys. You keep them on the schedule we've established. You handle situations how we would. I know it's a lot, but it makes it so much easier when everything is consistent.

Thank you for doing the "mom" things, that on some days, I just can't get to.

Like giving them good snacks. Or helping with the laundry. Or weeding through the papers from school and telling me what's important. This allows me to spend quality time with the boys at night, instead of doing "household chores"—it's truly invaluable.

Thank you for bringing my son to my office at lunch so I could breastfeed.

Not only does this break up the day, but it also allows me to swap out one pump session. But most of all, it helps cure my broken heart of missing him so badly during the day. This always allows me to tackle my afternoon refreshed because I know it's only a few more hours until I can be home with him again.

Thank you for dedicating your retirement to my family.

You worked hard raising me and my brother. You worked hard for our family. But now, instead of enjoying your retirement and meeting friends for lunch or getting a midday manicure (or doing anything you want, whenever you want), you spend your days with my boys. I know it is rewarding for you to be able to see them every day. And you always say how lucky you are to be able to do it. But, the value is not lost on me. We so appreciate you and your dedication.

Thank you for the gift of a peace of mind.

There is no greater gift than knowing my boys are in good hands. They are being cared for meticulously, while I work helping other mamas. Working for Motherly has been a dream come true. The work we do is impactful and powerful and meaningful. Without you as my right hand woman, I wouldn't be able to be part of this amazing community.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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