In a perfect mama world, we’d all make healthy, delicious and organic food for our babies from scratch every day. But for many of us mamas, it’s just not possible. So packaged baby food becomes an important part of our lives for months, and even years. No judgement here. We all just want to do the best we can to feed our babies, right?

Still, we won’t lie: not being able to see what’s inside our baby food squeeze pouches scares the bejesus out of us. And not understanding WTF the ingredients are within each pouch doesn’t help.

Which is why we’re super excited about Happy Family’s new line of Clearly Crafted transparent baby food pouches. The collection includes 10 new Stage 2 recipes (for babies aged 6+ months), and two new Stage 1 recipes, packaged with a transparent window so you can see what your baby’s about to eat. Each pouch also includes the full recipe story, in words you understand (think: 1/2 apple, 1/4 guava and 3 TSP beet puree), so you don’t have to wonder if something’s light on the healthy and heavy on the sweet, and you can even replicate (should you feel so inclined… again, no judgement) at home.

Registered Dietician (and NYC mom) Anita Mirchandani was equally as excited. “Given the multitude of food recalls in the baby food market, Clearly Crafted should help decrease the anxiety and concern felt by many parents with respect to making safe food choices for their little ones,” she said. “Food safety issues such as mold or foreign substances could easily be spotted in this form of packaging.”

But doesn’t exposing food to light reduce shelf-life and affect nutritional content? Happy Family noted that Clearly Crafted products have a shelf life of 10 months, which is shorter than the core line of Happy Family pouches, which takes into account possible light exposure.

A company spokesperson explained: “We have done extensive testing around the impacts of not just light, but also temperature and oxidation, on our pouch products. As many parents may know, cooking foods and exposing food to light can lead to some vitamin loss; however, we account for the losses on each nutrition facts panel on the back of each product. For example, our Apples, Kale and Avocados recipe provides 100% DV of Vitamin A, 25% DV of Vitamin C, 2g of Fiber and 1g of Protein. This line is all about transparency, so we want parents to understand the recipe and nutritional content just from looking at the package.”

While Happy Family still has a large range of baby and toddler food products in opaque packaging, their Clearly Crafted collection is big step in a baby food industry known for, well, baby steps. Because when it comes to our babies, we’ll take all the transparency we can get.