There is nothing quite like watching your little one smash sweet potatoes all over their face—and your entire kitchen—for the very first time. But starting solids can also come with lots of questions, especially for a first-time mama. From thinking about the best time to start to the right types of foods to offer, navigating this transition can be tricky. (And messy. Did we mention messy? Very, very messy.)

So, other than investing in a supersized box of baby wipes and the biggest bottle of laundry detergent you can fit in your Target shopping cart, what exactly will you need to take the plunge into the world of starting solids? We’re here to tell you, mamas.

From sippy cups to splash mats, here are our can’t-live-without products that will make starting solids easy as pie.

Best baby bibs for starting solids

Changing your baby’s clothes sixteen times a day is fun and all, but if you want to keep mealtime mess to a minimum, a waterproof, easy wipe bib is essential. Here are some of our top-rated faves.

baby bjorn baby bibs



Baby Bib

After trying many, many different options, we keep coming back to BABYBJÖRN because, well… they are just that awesome. They’re made from a BPA-free, food-safe plastic meaning that you don’t have to toss them in the wash after every meal (win!)—just wipe them down (or pop in the dishwasher) and save yourself a few loads of laundry.

They feature a soft, adjustable neckband, a deep front pocket that catches spills. Plus it holds its shape so the mess doesn’t squeeze out. They’re also stain- and odor-resistant. 🙌

oxo tot roll up bib



Roll Up Bib 2-Pack

OXO makes some of the most innovative tools and gadgets on the market—and these clever bibs are no exception. The perfect hybrid of traditional fabric bibs and practical silicone catch-all designs, they feature soft poly up top to keep baby comfortable while the food-safe pocket collects whatever drops. They’re also super convenient when you’re on the go. Just tuck utensils into the pocket, roll it up and stash it in your diaper bag.

bibado coverall bib



Coverall Bib

Honestly, who hasn’t fed a baby and thought, “Next time I’m covering this kid with a tarp.” Invented by a UK mom of twins who literally cut up an old umbrella to solve the mealtime messes, Bibado cover-all bibs are basically the baby tarp you’ve been dreaming of. Available in short and long sleeves, the innovative design is made from wipeable stain and water-proof fabric which fastens directly to the highchair to keep your little one (and your floor) 100% mess-free. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this?

Best baby food maker and storage

Making your own baby food doesn’t have to be a giant pain. We’ve found the most convenient, easy-to-use baby food maker and containers that work in the fridge and on-the-go.

Beaba Baby Cook




Although definitely not a must, lots of mamas choose to experiment with making their own baby food somewhere along their feeding journey. Although a steamer and a blender will certainly do the trick, if you’re a mom who’s intimidated by cooking or looking for a quick, all-in-one meal solution, we can’t say enough good things about the Beaba Babycook .

It’s a true one stop shop for all things baby food. It makes taking fresh fruit, veggies, meat or fish from raw to any stage of baby or toddler food super simple in only 15 minutes. It can even be operated completely one-handed—a definite mom bonus!

The Babycook has a slim footprint so it won’t hog your precious counter space, but the bowl holds up to 4.7 cups of liquid or food so it’s easy to make a few bathes at once. And with several colors and styles to choose from, you’ll be whipping up baby culinary masterpieces in no time.

Cerebelly Family of Products


Or you could try Cerebelly! Created by neurosurgeon and developmental neurobiologist mother-of-three, their organic pouches are made with 16 brain-boosting nutrients that are key to brain and body development. And unlike most baby food brands which are high in fruit, Cerebelly products are “veggie first,” which means they offer more of the fiber and nutrients little ones need without unnecessary sugar. Worried about heavy metals in baby food? Rest assured there’s none of that here. Cerebelly is Clean-Label Project certified and recipients of the Clean Label Project Purity Award ensuring their products meet the highest standards.

Wee sprout glass baby food jars

Wee Sprout


Glass Baby Food Storage Jars

If you’re cranking out the purees, this highly-rated set of glass baby food containers from Wee Sprout is a great investment. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe, they can store up to four ounces of food with a stackable and leak-proof screw on lid. They also come with a dry erase marker to help you keep track of dates and contents! Price is for a set of 12.

Squooshi Reusable Baby food pouches



Reusable Baby Food Pouches

If you’re like us, you probably always feel a twinge of guilt tossing those pre-made baby food squeezy packs. Skip the guilt (and keep the convenience) by filling your own reusable pouches from Squooshi. These charming pouches are BPA-, lead-, phthlate- and PVC-free, and you can use them again and again. Plus, they’re more cost-effective so your wallet will thank you too. Pro tip: The pouches are dishwasher safe on the top rack, just rinse before you pop them in your dishwasher. Price is for a set of six.

Best baby plates, cups and utensils

Olababy Soft Tip Training Spoon



Soft-Tip Training Spoon

Inspired by nature and designed to be baby’s first self-feeding spoon, the Olababy Training Spoon features a flexible, leaf-shaped tip that flexes to scoop, cut and slice from any angle. It’s also ergonomically designed for little hands, and the wide base allows the spoon to rest upright to avoid germs. (Meaning it’s perfect for baby’s first time eating in public!) And because the spoon is made from BPA-silicone and features a super flexible design, it also doubles perfectly as a teether for those tiny little gums!

Num Num Pre-spoon gootensil

Num Num


Pre-Spoon GOOtensil

The award-winning, doctor recommended GOOtensils from Num Num are pretty stinkin’ brilliant. Designed to help foster independence, these better-than-spoons require no scooping, balancing or holding flat to get the job done. Just a dip into their yogurt or puree and out comes a baby-sized bite that won’t plop off the second they try to get it in their mouth. They’re perfectly sized for little hands and can also help soothe teething gums.

Lollaland weighted straw sippy cup



Lollacup Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

Starting solids is also the perfect time to introduce your little one to a straw cup—but if watching your little one get frustrated isn’t top on your list of fun things to do, you’re going to need a cup that is easy to drink out of STAT. Enter the Lollacup . This (adorable) straw cup features a flexible, valve-free straw, making it easy for little ones to learn to drink. The straw also has a weighted end that anchors it in the liquid to help your babe drink effectively, even when the cup is tilted.

The cup has minimal parts and is easy to clean, so it’s frustration-free for you too, mama. And it comes with a straw-cleaning brush so you can get *really* into those gunky crevices.

TalkTools Honey Bear Drinking Cup



Honey Bear Drinking Cup

If your little one is having trouble with the transition from bottle to sippy cup, this is the one to try, Designed to be used by speech and feeding therapists to help with tongue training, lip rounding, tongue retraction and other oral motor skills, there’s more than meets the eye with the simple Honey Bear cup. It gets rave reviews from parents of kiddos who struggle with learning to drink from a straw and many say their little one picked it up in just one session. The Honey Bear Cup holds up to 7 ounces and comes with one replacement straw and a booklet with instructions on how to use it. (Note that none of the parts are dishwasher- or microwave-safe, so hand wash everything.)

ezpz tiny cup



Tiny Cup

On the other hand, learning to drink from a cup without the aid of a straw or sippy top is an important developmental milestone–a practice you can start as early as four months. (Get ready for some WET clothes.) Open cup drinking not only supports oral and speech development, but some suggest it can even help with the transition off the bottle. ezpz’s aptly named Tiny Cup is ideal for those early learning months given its perfect size and squishy silicone construction. The weighted base keeps it from toppling too easily and the interior angle provides an even flow.

ezpz mini mat



Mini Mat

If you’re tired of wiping down big, bulky high chair trays (or every inch of your kitchen table) or trying to intercept flying bowls, these genius mats are for you. A placemat + plate + bowl all in one, ezpz mats are the perfect solution for new eaters. The mat suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for little hands to tip it over.

The mats are made from 100% silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate free, and they are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. They come in a huge array of sizes and colors, and are stackable for easy storage.

Lalo First Bites Kit



First Bites Kit

You could also save yourself some time and scoop up everything you need all in one fell swoop! The super stylish silicone feeding set from Lalo comes with all the mealtime essentials: Two bibs, a suction bowl and plate, a two-handled straw cup (which can be used with or without the lid) and two spoons. Everything is perfectly designed with tiny ones in mind and dishwasher safe (because you’re important too.😉)

Best baby high chairs and accessories

Like a tiny throne that’s going to get smeared with more food than your baby actually eats, we’re partial to high chairs that are easy to clean and not a total eyesore. (After all, it’s your kingdom too!)

Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair



Cocoon High Chair

The brilliant Oribel Cocoon High Chair comes in handy even before they’re munching on solids. Three different recline positions and six different heights help your little one transition from drinking bottles, trying food for the first time, to then drinking from a sippy cup and practicing eating solo. The design is also super thoughtful as the foam pad is both comfortable for baby and easy for parents to clean. If you rather have fabric on the chair you can purchase a separate insert to go with it. But best of all, it can easily fold in two for storage and the tight footprint keeps you from stubbing your toe every time you walk past it.


inglesina fast table chair



Fast Baby Chair

If you’re short on space, table mounted high chairs are always a solid option. With the highly-rated Inglesina Fast table chair, your little one can sit with the rest of the family, right at the table–any table. And if you’re traveling or just headed around the corner to grandma’s, it’s super easy to transport, weighs only 4.2 pounds, and collapses into 3.5-inch thick for easy storage. It also comes in a variety of great colors with a self-contained carry bag that can lay flat in a suitcase!

Busy Baby Silicone Placemat

Busy Baby Silicone Placemat


Busy Baby Silicone Placemat

Designed to keep toys and utensils from being dropped (or thrown!), this clever silicone placemat suctions to practically any surface. It’s great for mealtime of course but can also be used while traveling, on shopping carts or even windows.

Lalo Splat mat



Splat Mat

Can we ever say enough good things about Lalo? Probably not. Their 3-in-1 Lalo Chair is one of our top high chair picks given its stylish form and unparalleled function–and the same can be said of their splat mats. The vegan leather design features a solid soft color on one side and a subtle crosshatch pattern on the other, each of which coordinates with the rest of their stylish line. Best of all, it only takes a wipe with a damp cloth to look good as new.

Bumkins Splat Mat



Splat Mat

There’s no better bang for the buck than the splat mats from the mess masters at Bumkins. The super affordable fabric mats are not only Amazon’s choice for splat mats, they’ve also racked up nearly 4K 5-star ratings from parents who call it a “savior” and a “must-have.” And while these aren’t as large as the others on this list, they’re durable, easy to clean and machine washable as well.

Wildcubz Baby Splat Mat



Baby Splat Mat

If your babe is regularly dining at grandma’s, the travel-friendly splat mat from Wildcubz is a great option. The three-ply fabric mat repels spills and is machine-washable when a simple wipe just isn’t enough. It’s got a silicone dot backing to keep it from slipping and easily packs up into an included wet bag when you’re done.