It's an emotional time, this “back to school" season, especially for those of us that aren't necessarily sending our kids “back" to school, but to school for the very first time.

Is it just us, or do you guys feel like you're sending your little preschooler off to college this fall, too? How did our cute little babies get so old so fast? Why do they say “No" all the time? And can I get that “back to school" outfit in my size?

Here's all of our favorite picks for your preschooler to head to class in style. And no, you cannot get it in your size, but you CAN win everything you see here, plus more, in our $700! Go ahead and enter below.

1. Marin + Morgan Short Sleeve Tee, $45

2. Zoocchini Underwear Set, $25.99

3. Planet Box Rover Lunchbox, $79.95

4. Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer, $7.41

5. Appaman Moto Jacket, $97

6. Egg by Susan Lazar Corduroy Pants, $53

7. People Footwear Kids Phillips Shoe, $40

8. Mabel's Labels Little Kid School Combo, $42

9. Zoocchini Kids Packpack Pals, $27.99

10. Stoney Clover Lane ABC Tattoos, $10