My kids are craft-addicted. And honestly, I love it. Craft supplies , while I don't go crazy spending money on them all the time (we do have a budget to adhere to), are something I typically don't mind investing in. Coloring, painting, cutting, gluing—all of it!—brings them so much joy. And it brings me joy, too. (Moreso when it's on a piece of paper or canvas versus the hallway wall mural our 2-year-old recently created.)

Their grandparents got them a new art table for Christmas and they use it often. Watching them sit together chatting away while they plan their projects are those moments of motherhood I want to sear into my mind. (And quickly, because the arguing typically comes at some point. 🙄)

Creating art is not only fun, soothing and relaxing, but it also promotes fine motor skills , a creative imagination and independent play, too. Now that's something worth stocking up on.

Here are 13 of our favorite craft supplies from Amazon:

Crayola creativity tub

crayola creativity tub

In case you need to stock up on the basics, this set has you covered with crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalk, paper, model magic and a clear storage tub to keep everything in.


Ready, set, cut craft activity

ready set cut craft activity

This is such a cute kit for your little one to practice their fine motor skills by cutting along the dotted line of each craft and then gluing and decorating!


Tempera paint sticks

paint sticks

We absolutely love these in our house—they're the best. The colors are vibrant, the sticks are easy-to-use and they clean up easily. This pack comes with 24 colors (classic, metallic and fluorescent).


Tracing paper pad

tracing paperu200b pad

My oldest is very into tracing lately. I think it's helping her build confidence in her artistic skills. A great idea would be to place a sheet of tracing paper over a book cover for tedious (but fun!) practice.


Craft supplies jar

craft supplies jar

Beware of small pieces for our little ones in this pack, but for older children, this set is chock-full of fun with pom-poms, googly eyes and foam letters to name a few.


Construction paper


This 500-piece construction paper set is the perfect foundation for any piece of kiddo-art. It comes with white, pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, brown and black. (Don't throw away the small pieces after cutting and creating—save them in a jar or tin to make mosaic or collage-type crafts.)


Melissa & Doug Water Wow!

water books

These books are genius. There's no mess, but lots of entertainment. This set comes with three books, but there are sets that come with six-plus if you want to up your investment in this parent-child favorite.


Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pad set



These books last for so long, so you really get solid mileage out of them because they're reusable and are well made. Plus, from dinosaurs to dancing, there's a theme for every kid.


Make-a-face sticker sheet set

sticker sheet set

This sticker set comes with 36 different animal faces to decorate—or mix and match with—which will keep your little ones occupied (and likely laughing at their silly creations!) for a while.


Tots art start craft kit

tot art start craft kit

Alex Toys has amazing craft kits on Amazon ranging from the giant busy box (which we've also loved), rock pets, button art, scrapbook kit, and more—but we love this one geared toward tots. It comes with six different activities.


Crayola washable paint

crayola washable kids paint

We've re-filled on these multiple times as they're a staple for creating in our house. (Don't forget the canvas' and paintbrushes if you want to add to your budding artist's toolkit.)


Paint your own unicorn DIY kit

paint your own unicorn kit

This would have been a dream craft for me as a kid, and since I have a mini-me now in the form of my 6-year-old unicorn-lover, this would be perfect for our art table. It comes with two plaster unicorns, glitter, gems and paint.


18000+ Loom Bands Kit: DIY Rubber Bands Kits


Making rubber band bracelets can become a fun addiction that you might even find yourself getting in on. This robust kit has enough supplies to fuel an entire summer's worth of crafting.


ABC beads jewelry making kit


​Necklaces, bracelets, key chains, oh my! Warning—this will provide hours of fun for your older children with the option to make over 40 pieces of jewelry. This one has small pieces with various size beads, so best to keep away from the littles.


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