Hit the road with happy little ones in tow this season! We’ve rounded up five perfect travel toys for road trips, flying the friendly skies, and spending a night or two out of the house. ? ✈️ ?

1. Perfect for soothing on the go: Oball Grasp & Teethe Teether

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When your baby’s schedule is disrupted, you could all use a little help chilling out. The solution? The Oball Grasp & Teethe Teether. Your baby will love the colorful design and variety of textures perfect for soothing achy gums, and you’ll love how easy it is for your little one to hold onto thanks to the Oball core (because no one wants to give their baby back a toy after it has been dropped on the airport floor).

Pro tip: When you’re ready to clean it after a day of gumming, simply wipe the toy clean with a damp cloth.


2. Perfect for getting them excited for the flight to Grandma’s: Go Grippers Cargo Jet

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Got a first-time flier? Give your toddler a toy that encourages her imagination to take flight! We love the Go Grippers Cargo Jet, made from the same Oball material your child loved as a baby because it’s easy to grip and carry. The set includes one jet and a compatible Go Gripper car to load into the plane’s cargo bay before taking off.

Pro tip: When playtime is over, keep the jet and car clean by wiping with a damp cloth and mild soap.


3. Perfect for long road trips: Oball Go Grippers Custom Rides

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Traveling to see family is great, but the long car rides aren’t always so enjoyable. For car-time entertaining, babies 18 months and up will love the Oball Go Grippers Custom Rides with their easy-to-grasp design and eye-catching collection of colors and patterns. Plus, the compact design makes this is the perfect toy to throw in your diaper bag for entertainment on the go.

Pro tip: More than one kid to keep entertained? The set comes with six cars, meaning you can split up the fun on the way to Grandma’s.


4. Perfect for distracting little ones in the TSA line: Oball Rattle

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Long waits in line are every parent’s nemesis. But you can fend off impatient baby fussing with a little preparation—and a great toy. The Oball Rattle shakes, rattles, and rolls, thanks to colorful shaker beads that encourage motor skills. The 29 finger holes and flexible, patented shape are easy for tiny hands to hold onto, and the bright color options will make this a fast favorite for your baby.

Pro tip: Purchase a few balls to keep in the nursery, diaper bag, and car so you always have one on hand.


5. Perfect for playtime at their cousin’s house: Go Grippers Adventure Park Playset

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You can’t bring every toy when you travel, so opt for a play system that packs in multiple modes of play. The Go Grippers Adventure Park Playset features easy-to-grip cars (they’re made with the same tech as your favorite Oballs!) that drive on tracks, scoot up and over hills, and spin around on their own Merry-Go-Round. Plus, having multiple cars will make it easier to thwart any meltdowns over sharing with new relatives.

Pro tip: Once playtime is over, clean the toys with a damp cloth and mild soap so they’re ready to roll another day.


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