'Tis the season—the perfect time to teach your little ones about the magic of doing something kind for others. But, if you don't want to use Santa or toys as a means to encourage them to do good in the community, an advent calendar is the perfect way to help your babes understand the gift of giving and practicing gratitude. This Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar is full of ideas kids can do on their own. It's a wonderful way for them to see for themselves just how big of an impact they can have, no matter their age.
While the calendar works best for school-aged children since many of the activities involve writing, you can use it with younger children by substituting drawing activities instead or letting your child tell you what to write! And, even though a new one hasn't been released for 2020, you can easily re-use this one (just go by the day of the month!).

This helps kids stay focused on positive behavior because it feels good, not because they're worried about being on a “naughty" list. It's such an easy way to develop positive behaviors that will hopefully last well beyond the holiday season. If you prefer to use your own ideas, visit Wondermom Wannabe where you can find both a blank version and an editable version. Originally posted on Wondermom Wannabee.