You pretty much can't go wrong when you dress an adorable toddler in a Halloween costume. Round faces + sweet costumes = instant awwws . But dressing your sweet duo up as our favorite reality TV starts, Fixer Uppe r hosts Chip + Joanna Gaines ? We can't STAND the cuteness.

Mama Eumy Rha Frenkel's daughter Sydney has been friends with their New Jersey neighbor Ryan Freedman for like ever . (Since they were 6 months old.) "They look just like mini Chip and Jo," Sydney's mama explains to Motherly, "so naturally we thought it would be the perfect costumes!" "We love the relationship that Chip and Jo have," Eumy says, "and we love how genuine they are in their desire to make a house someone's home. The kids get a kick out of seeing the "big" versions of themselves on tv! We think this duo wins the prize for cutest costume 2017! We see a toddler reality TV show coming on! [Originally published November 3, 2017]

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