We get it. You want to give ever member of your family unique gifts that show them just how much you care about them, but also ones that you’re sure they’ll love to open. That said, the pressure to make the season magical is stressful enough. Coming up with a standout gift for everyone on your list on top of everything else is a lot to ask.

Luckily, I’ve scoured the internet for the most beautiful, thoughtful and unique holiday gifts to share with your family. You know, the kinds of things that they never even knew existed, let alone needed. Gifts they’ll use over and over for years to come and think of what a trendsetting and wildly talented gift giver you are.

There are so many incredible unique holiday gifts out there, from family game nights and international treats to the coziest blankets and stylish dog bling, there’s something to please everyone.

Check out our favorite unique holiday gifts below!

Modern Sprout Morning Glory Flower Grow Kit

Modern Sprout


Morning Glory Flower Grow Kit

No green thumbs required for this lovely gift! The fluted ceramic planter comes with the ideal grow kit to sprout a cascade of morning glories.

Daysie Certified Organic Syrup



Certified Organic Syrup

This trio of “not so simple” syrups makes a great gift for the family who’s perfecting their at-home latte game. Made with organic cane sugar and organic wildflower honey, they’re a delicious addition to coffee drinks, cocktails, mocktails or even just plain seltzer. We also love that they’re a small women-owned business!




Kid-Friendly Volunteer and Giving Projects

Alltruists creates monthly volunteer and giving projects that the entire family can participate in–right from your own kitchen table. Each Impact Kit is curated around a central theme like homelessness, hunger or saving the bees and presents them in a way that informs and empowers even the youngest members of the family. To take it one step further, each purchase includes a donation to a related charity or organization. Talk about a gift that gives back! (Read our Alltruists review here!)

Bake Eat Love Box

Bake Eat Love


Baking Box

Baking can be a super fun family activity which ends in cake or cookies. (A promise which makes up for any squabbles, disasters or general mess along the way.) But here’s a way to make it even better–the simple kits from Bake Eat Love. The fun themed kits come with all the pre-measured ingredients to make a wide variety of treats. Opt for a one off recipe or sign them up for a monthly subscription!

Brass Monkey Don't Swear Swear Bank

Brass Monkey


Don't Swear Swear Bank

They say swearing is a sign of intelligence. With this bank, it can also make you richer. A stellar gift for the potty mouthed loved ones on your list.

Squaregles Warmup Set 54 Pieces



Warmup Set 54 Pieces

With Squaregles, the fun doesn’t end once the building is over. In fact, it’s just beginning! Perhaps the most versatile magnetic building set we’ve ever seen, Squaregles invite kids to build thousands of different 3D structures from racetracks to marble ramps. The strong magnets keep their builds from collapsing while the paperboard panels offer a place for them to show off their artistic skills.

Follies Bauhaus Playset



Bauhaus Playset

Another kid pick the entire family will appreciate, the endlessly creative playsets from Follies. Inside the box they’ll find 40 interlocking pieces that can be assembled into endless combinations–one day a castle, the next a puppet theater starring their most-beloved stuffies. The colorful Bauhaus-inspired designs make it a joy to have take over your living room, and because they don’t require an adult’s help to put together, consider the hours of quiet solo play time a gift to everyone in the house.



Scratch Book 100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Book

Scratch Book


100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Book

Make family movie night a little more special with the 100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Book. Including movies across a wide variety of genres, each movie gets its own spread with a scratch off box and room for photos, notes, ticket stubs and even a personal rating.

w&p The Popper



The Popper

Speaking of family movie night–if they’re still making bags of microwave popcorn, this is a must-have. This collapsible silicone bowl allow you to pop cheap bulk popcorn that can become the best movie theater popcorn ever. Pop and serve right in the same bowl and then collapse it down when not in use!

Ban.do Colorblock Dominoes



Colorblock Dominoes

Add a pop of color to family game night with these beechwood dominoes from Ban.do. They’ll look stylish on the shelf or coffee table, too!

518O408u6tL. AC SL1500



Happylight Luxe

When winter comes, it gets dark and cold quickly—and we all feel the impact of it emotionally. Like a sunny day, bright light exposure can support your mood, energy and sleep patterns. The non-UV light therapy lamp from Verilux emits full-spectrum light that mimics sunlight on the days you need a little pick-me-up. Choose from three different light colors, a range of brightness and even set a timer to be sure you’ve got the right dose.




Home Alone

Forget the Millennium Falcon. THIS is the mega Lego set that dreams are made of. A mind-bogglingly detailed version of the McAllister home complete with booby traps and iconic scenes from the holiday classic, it might take three Christmas breaks to assemble. To quote Kevin, all I can say is “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Solo Stove Mesa

Solo Stove



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve encountered the Solo Stove while scrolling, or even IRL at a backyard party. Their innovative and portable stainless steel fire pits turn any backyard, deck or patio into the coziest outdoor living room for family hangs. Of course the bonfire style is now a total classic but we’re equally smitten with the small but mighty table top style, the Mesa. From smores parties to simply making time around the table a little cozier, they’re also a great option for anyone short on outdoor space. The dual fuel design allows you to burn pellets or small pieces of firewood and gets started easily thanks to Solo Stove’s patented Signature 360° Airflow.

Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Jolly Green Products


Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Which leads me to the most important gadget they never knew they needed. Compact and portable marshmallow roasting sticks. The stainless steel roasters feature a dial for rotating so you can achieve that perfect golden hue. When you’re done, corral them in the heat resistant carry bag!

The Street Photography Challenge: 50 Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Reinvent Your Photography

Laurence King Publishing


The Street Photography Challenge: 50 Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Reinvent Your Photography

Whether they’re an aspiring photog or simply want to create more interesting family albums, this set of 50 inspirational prompts with example images is sure to get their gears turning.




Filament Lamp Kit

The Filament Lamp Kit from Sculpd comes with everything you need to create a functional piece of artwork the entire family will admire. Use the air dry clay and included tools to create a base that’s as simple or intricate as you like and finish it off with an optional coat of paint. Happy sculpting!


Back to the Roots


Water Garden Ecosystem Fish Tank

It’s a science project, family pet and herb garden all in one! Back to the Roots water garden might be the coolest way to house a beta fish we’ve ever seen. The set up is simple and super fun to watch sprouts appear in just a matter of days. And since the plants make it self-cleaning, it’s not adding another chore to your list. Win win!

Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Printer



Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Spare her the stress of being another mom with a bazillion photos in the cloud and zero IRL. This wireless mini printer connects via Bluetooth to any iOS or Android phone so she can instantly print her favorites. The photo size is perfect for journals and cork boards or for party souvenirs!

Jiggy Puzzle The Eve



Art Puzzles

Everything about Jiggy Puzzles is just *chef’s kiss*. From their gorgeous artwork created by women artists all over the world to their stunning packaging and quality materials, it’s nearly impossible to pick just one. (So don’t. Pick like two. Or ten.) That said, if you’re looking for one that’s got all the cozy Christmas vibes, opt for The Eve by Ana Hard.


Eastern Standard Provisions


Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box

Eastern Standard Provisions, the Boston-based company that makes the best soft pretzels ever puts together irresistible collections of family-night goodies complete with artfully-crafted flavored salts. Sunday night football just got far more delicious.

Seattle Chocolate Holly Jolly Gift Box

Seattle Chocolate


Holly & Jolly Gift Set

If they’re more of a sweet tooth crew, the decadent chocolate from women-owned Seattle Chocolate is a no-brainer. This holiday gift box is filled with a variety of their dreamy seasonal truffle bars like hot buttered rum and holiday spiced nuts, along with a collection of smaller truffles. (It’s a great mix of milk and dark chocolate for families who can’t pick a side, too!) Not only can you feel good about giving an awesome gift, you’ll also be supporting Girls Inc. as Seattle Chocolate donates 10% of profits to help inspire and empower girls across the US and Canada.


Casa Mia


Holy Guacamole Set

If Taco Tuesday is a regular installment on the family calendar, the Holy Guacamole set from Casa Mia makes it even more exciting. With a bamboo chip & dip bowl, four bamboo appetizer plates and matching napkins, it’s perfect for parties or just the regular crew.




Three Month Subscription

Bokksu offers curated boxes of high-quality authentic Japanese snacks that are the perfect intersection of curiosity and deliciousness. Each of the products is made by local snack and tea makers across Japan, including some 200-year old family businesses, and comes with an educational Culture Guide with details on the makers, prefectures of origin and more. How fun is that?




Nest Hub Max

A command center that can also keep you entertained while you cook, clean, or hide from the rest of the household? Yes please. The Nest Hub Max from Google packs a ton of family-friendly functionality into a gorgeous 10 inch display with an impressive built-in sound system. From guiding you through recipes and making video calls to cranking the tunes or controlling all your paired smart home devices, it’s the personal assistant you always knew you needed.


Tea Drops


Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit

Since the summer, bubble tea has become one of my family’s weekend obsessions. But like any fancy drink, the cost of a trip to the tea place can add up quickly. With the super cool kit from Tea Drops, you can make your own right at home! Instead of boring old tea bags, Tea Drops are organic ground leaf teas pressed into cute little shapes that completely dissolve in hot water. Add in the boba and pre-packed Copper Cow creamer and you’re good to go!




Marshmallow Blanket

I’ve never been snuggled by a soft and kindly polar bear, but I suspect it feels a lot like climbing under Unhide’s Marshmallow Blanket. Their vegan-friendly luxe throws are made from a plush faux fur that looks as good as it feels. And since it’s actually huge (as big as a queen size quilt!) both of my giant kids can snuggle with me and not start a war over whose feet aren’t covered.




Stag EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle

Can an electric kettle be sexy? Because I mean, just look at this beauty from Fellow. The modern + minimal design has total Swedish vibes but was actually designed in California and is used in barista competitions across the US. Want to work it like the pros? The precision heating ensures the optimal temps for brewing the most perfect cup of tea or coffee.





This quick thinking matching game is a super fun addition to game night. There are several different ways to play, but they’re each simple, engaging and easy to learn. Just be the first to match your picture card to the clue card and you’ve won the round. But because “matching” is a loose term, get ready to think on your toes!


Little Big Playroom


Ball Pit

Ball pits are ridiculously fun—but if we’re being honest, those bright colors can sometimes clash a bit with our decor. Enter Little Big Playroom to save the day. Their super stylish (and durable) ball pits are made from squishy but sturdy memory foam and a washable cover to provide you energetic tot with a safe place to play or chill. (Ha!) Each purchase comes with 200 balls to get the fun started.


Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton


A Year of Forest School

The past couple years have caused many parents to re-think education, and we’ve seen a real trend: More time outside is key. This beautiful book is filled with games, crafts and activities that will get your young learners outdoors and excited to be in nature. We think you’ll have a pretty good time playing, too.


Esther Perel


Where Should We Begin–A Game of Stories

You spend so much time searching for the perfect gift for your partner, but really what they want is more time with you. Infuse date nights with excitement and fresh energy with this fun and beautiful game designed by relationship and intimacy guru Esther Perel. Through prompt cards that set the mood and direction (ex. “Share something crazy”) and story cards that provide the first line of an answer (ex. “A phone number I need to delete…”) you’re guaranteed to learn something new and thrilling no matter how many times you’ve heard their best stories. Get ready for instant memories and enhanced connection.




Their Favorite Meal

Even if you aren’t traveling this holiday season, it doesn’t mean you can’t share the gift of iconic local food. Send them their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant with Goldbelly! And don’t forget to order yourself your favorite cheesecake for Christmas Eve. You deserve it.


Foggy Doggy


Dog Collar

For your favorite pet enthusiast (or your favorite pet), look no further than Foggy Doggy for the most adorable collars, leashes and pet accessories. Your stylish pup will be ready for the catwalk in no time. Even better? With every purchase, Foggy Doggy will donate half a pound of food to rescue shelters across America.




Giant Camping Hammock

Whether its in the depths of the woods or in your own backyard, this giant hammock will be an instant hit. It’s big enough to hold three adults or six kids—but no judgment if you don’t want to share—and built to last.

The World of Agatha Christie Puzzle

Laurence King Publishing


The World of Agatha Christie 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

With this puzzle, finishing it means the fun is just beginning. Based on Agatha Christie’s enigmatic novels, can you spot all the characters, clues and historical figures?

Starry Night Air Fort

Air Fort


Starry Night Air Fort

As a kid, is there a better place to hang than in your own cozy fort? Not really. This dreamy design uses a standard box fan to inflate in seconds and features glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for an extra dash of magic. It’s also machine washable!

supplant cookies and chocolate as a unique gift

The Supplant Company


Shortbread & Chocolate Afternoon Tea Bundle

The Supplant Company isn’t just serving up any ol’ shortbread and chocolate—the sugars in their goods are made from fiber. According to The Supplant Company, the fiber-derived sugars they use in their line of chocolates and shortbread cookies behave like traditional sugar in food but are less than half the calories of sugar. Choose from chocolate flavors like sea salt milk chocolate and orange dark chocolate. If you’re more of a cookie fan their plain shortbread and chocolate chip shortbread won’t disappoint. Can’t decide? They offer up gift packs perfect for gifting this season.

A version of this article was published November 16, 2021. It has been updated.