No matter how much you hated on Valentine's Day in those earlier stages of life, now that you've got a wee one in your home (or womb), it's hard not to get sentimental. So embrace the lovefest. Show your crew you care. And go ahead and treat yourself (or pass this on to the person who should be treating you). Happy Valentine's Day!

MOM 1. Sleepy Jones Robe. There's no time like pregnancy to up your bathrobe game. This Sleepy Jones robe will make your feel flirty and fun during pregnancy, and serve as a great nursing cover-up postpartum. $124 Buy it here (similar style) 2. IGWT Mom Signet Ring. You know how when you're a mom, you're always craving a few minutes (or hours. or days.) away, and then when you're sans kid, you just kind of want to be with them again? This IGWT Mom Signet Ring is kind of like carrying that baby around with you all day. Except this one is so much lighter and quieter. $70 Buy it here 3. TWELVElittle Companion Diaper Backpack. If you've been trying to get by without a real diaper bag, use this as an opportunity to stop resisting. The TWELVElittle Companion Diaper Backpack has all the goods you need for a long day with your little, and all the style you need to wear it out and pretend you're not a mom. Now if only you could get out that spit-up on your shirt… $145 Buy it here MOM-TO-BE 1. Chiara Ferragni Velvet Ballet Flats. While you may not be buckling yourself into any Jimmy Choos these days, that doesn't mean you can't treat your feet. These Chiara Ferragni Velvet Ballet Flats are as adorable as they are comfortable. And your feet totally deserve to be kissed all over. $361 Buy it here (similar style) 2. tenoverten Valentine's Day Gift Set. If you're looking for an ethical alternative to your local (and questionable) nail salon, pick up this fun tenoverten Gift Set and treat yourself a nontoxic mani/pedi at home! Might as well get a few of these in before baby arrives and your hands will be otherwise occupied. $45 Buy it here 3. Pregnancy Pillow. Sometimes the only action you want in your bed is to rub up against a big, yummy….pregnancy pillow. We bet you'll love this cozy pregnancy pillow so much it might even stick after your bump disappears. $49.99 Buy it here BABY 1. Noble Carriage Organic Baby Unicorn Gift Bundle. What better way to let your little girl know she's beyond special than with the gift of a unicorn she can wear? She'll think you're the coolest for it...once she's old enough to talk. Buy it here (similar style) 2. Cuddle + Kind Hand-knit Doll. Spread the love to children all over the world by purchasing one of these adorable and whimsical handknit dolls by Cuddle + Kind for that tiny love of your life. Each purchase will provide 10 meals to kids worldwide, through partners World Food Program USA and the Children's Hunger Fund. $65 Buy it here 3. LOVE from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Your Eric Carle-obsessed little reader will reach for this book over and over. We envision only the sweetest bedtime snuggle memories being made while you repeat warm lines like “You are the cherry on my cake; you make the sun shine brighter; you make my heart flutter" over and over again. $5.78 Buy it here DAD 1. Primal Grass-Fed Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky is the new chocolate. Or something like that. Support dad's artisanal jerky obsession by getting him top of the line Primal grass-fed, marinated, smoky beef perfection. $7.50 Buy it here 2. Naturopathica Daily Defense Moisturizer. Now that you and your babe have made the switch to all natural body products, get dad on board and let him know you care about what goes on his skin with this lightweight Daily Defense Moisturizer by Naturopathica. $58 Buy it here 3. Mophie Juice Pack. While dad-to-be may have been legendary for forgetting to charge his phone or using his phone so hard that his battery dies halfway through the day, the truth is, the man is now officially on call for, like, ever. Ensure that he (and you) never has to worry about being unreachable on the big day with this Mophie Juice Pack which provides 14.5 hours talk time and high impact protection for when baby inevitably gets its hands on it. $99.95 Buy it here