13 completely honest thoughts you had when you found out you were pregnant

“I think it’s broken!”—Bethany Ruth

13 completely honest thoughts you had when you found out you were pregnant

Seeing those two pink lines, plus sign or the word ‘pregnant’ can bring a flood of emotions to any mama-to-be. Were you happy beyond belief after trying for what feels like forever? Or, maybe you were extremely scared to take on the most important role of your life.

We asked #TeamMotherly to share their honest reactions to finding out they were having a baby. From shock and nervousness to pure happiness and relief, here’s what you shared:

“The first time was, ‘Finally!!’ and the second was, ‘That was quick!"—Jaci Howald

“I think it’s broken!”—Bethany Ruth

“How beyond blessed I was to be pregnant with my rainbow baby after having a miscarriage with my first peanut. Fear and anxiety, but also hope that this pregnancy would be different and it was.” —Ana Infante Cabera


“I sobbed for an hour because I was so happy and had waited so long to see a positive sign. With my second, I was in shock. I had thought the extra midsection weight was because of me drinking more soda!”—Lisa Ybañez

“Very excited. Oh my gosh! I’m finally pregnant!”—Steph Fisher

“The world isn't ready for me to be a mom. But I was.”—Cindy Ayap

“I was 100% shocked; in a good way. I have always had this fear I would have a hard time getting pregnant and we weren't even trying. I just took a test on a whim.”—Kayla Van Dam

“I hope I don't lose this one too. ?” —Amanda Higgins

“I never really got excited because I was sick 90% of the time I was pregnant. Now I love my son more than anything and am so glad it happened when it did.”—Sam Bradley

“I thought I couldn’t have kids, always thought that, it took me a year of trying until finally there they were, those amazing two little lines.”—Adrien Jackie Martinez

“I was beyond happy. We wanted a baby so bad, even prayed for it, a girl especially. We already even had her name and that’s what we had the most beautiful princess of all, the greatest blessing of our lives.”—Annie-Laure Sosso

“I was 100% shocked; in a good way. Then I thought, ‘I still have to be able to fit into a wedding dress in a couple weeks!’ Lol.”—Kayla Van Dam

“Omfg finally woohoooooo!” —Sarah Doozy

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    You will always be their safe space, mama

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    To your child, you are safety. You are security. You are where (out of anyone or any place), they can come undone. Where they can let it all out, let it all go. Where they meltdown, break down, scream, cry, push.

    Where they can say—"I AM NOT OKAY!"

    Where they can totally lose it. Without judgment or fear or shame.

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