Postpartum periods are no joke. For one week out of the month, hurricane force periods comes back with a vengeance and consume your entire life. For active mamas (yes, Target runs count as “active”), those postpartum periods are life altering cruel. Enter: period underwear.

But they don’t have to be. This holiday season, we think you should get personal with the active mama on your holiday list and gift her a few items from THINX, the period panties & activewear line. Depending on her flow, THINX underwear can replace the need for pads and tampons by absorbing her flow, wicking away moisture and deodorizing all at the same time. Basically, they’re magic panties, gym shorts and even leotards that let you totally forget about your period for a little while.

They’re washable and reusable making them a totally sustainable product. You’ll be saving the environment — and her wallet. Right now, THINX has a special 3-pack Holiday Bundle featuring their three most popular panty styles: the Black Hiphugger, Black Sport and Grey Cotton Brief for only $85. That’s 15% off! (From now through December 31st while supplies last).

* This post is sponsored by THINX.

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