Each holiday season, children write down their wish list s and we do our best to make some of their wishes come true. But we often forget about what we mamas actually want to find under the Christmas tree this year. No, it's not the latest television or a pair of fuzzy socks.

We asked #TeamMotherly to share their top wish list items and they delivered. (Spoiler: It involves a lot of sleep and some peace and quiet —and okay, a decent bra for once.)

Here's what they shared:


  1. "I'm a simple girl, I'll take a good night's sleep."—Karen Paz
  2. "A new stroller, sleep, some new eyebrows, time for the gym. Time to eat, time to use the restroom + shower. TIme to clean my car."—Estefani Acosta
  3. A full night's sleep, meals cooked, clean house, husband who gets a job and acts right, insurance to get teeth cleaned and my scans done that I have had to wait on, and every to be healthy."—Dana Giacchino
  4. "Sleep. Bathroom alone. A hot cup of coffee not reheated three times. No fighting for one day. Oh, and wine!"—Brooke Vanderpool "
  5. "Few days of extra sleep and no whining."—Christal Cardenas
  6. "Sleep and a clean house, but I really want Harry Potter sheets."—JohnBree Adams
  7. "A night of uninterrupted sleep and a chance to sleep in."—Tatjana S. Moedl
  8. "Sleep would be great but a massage, mani/pedi and haircut."—Audrey Murphy
  9. "Lots and lots of baby must haves and, sleep, we can't forget about sleep"—Conchita Barajas
  10. "SLEEP and hot coffee."—Julie Massana
  11. "SLEEP."—Natalie Bancroft
  12. Sleep, massage mani and pedi some wine, oh Lord."—Nancy Banda
  13. "A nap."—Deanna White
  14. "A very nice sleep no whining and more money to my account."—Salamatu Abdulazeez
  15. "A full night's sleep and a nice long hot shower."—Abby Iverson
  16. "✨Uninterrupted sleep"—Lauren McConnell
  17. "8 hours of undisturbed sleep, please."—Prachi Pradhan Lavekar

Things you can't buy

  1. "A safe world for my child to grow up in."—Liz Vollmer-Buhl
  2. "Time—I want more time with my daughters and husband."—Mary Caitlin
  3. "Enough resources to give my kids the magical Christmas they deserve."—Lora Dian
  4. "Safely deliver on term and lots of great things for my baby. ❤️"—Haska Shamla
  5. "I have everything I need. I just want everything to stay this sweet forever. ❤️"—Hailey Isaacson Buehler
  6. "I'm hoping Santa will finally come through and pay off my medical bills."—Rebecca Pittkin
  7. "A toddler who eats more than just two bites of anything, an infant who sleeps longer than four hrs at a go, for both of them to be happy and healthy." —Jenny Vehlow
  8. "Peace and quiet. Clean house. Someone else to cook. I don't wanna be too picky though."—Robyn Denise
  9. "Time to see and appreciate nature more and going on trips."—Precious Onuabueke
  10. "Sanity."—Lacey Loraine
  11. "Good time with my husband and kids."—Meryam Belhiah
  12. "Health and strength"—Lorraine Sobeck
  13. " Peace and joy."— Nicole Chowen Stott

Things you *can* buy

  1. "Tortilla press and tamales pot."—Shenandoah Brettell
  2. A hoodie that says 'Land of 10,00 Ice Rinks.' I live in northern MN and my stepson plays hockey. It's our life during the winter. I'd also like a gas card, because I'm driving all over the state for hockey and unlimited pouches because they are currently the only way our toddler will eat veggies."—Emily Gould
  3. New tennis shoes to keep up with my active life, my favorite Philosophy Gingerbread man body wash to help me wake up, and a pretty night gown to remind me that while I'm a mama, I'm still a woman."—Juliane McDavid
  4. "Functioning nursing bras/tops."—Michele Piechocniski Munoz
  5. "Slippers, a silpat and an uninterrupted bath."—Aleena Hodges
  6. "I asked for gift cards to get a new wardrobe after baby."—Jocelyn Waldahl
  7. "A house cleaning service—on my list every year!"—Jackie Muller LoSchiavo
  8. "One year supply of baby formula."—Karla Butiong Robertson
  9. "New pistol range bag with lots of fitted compartments, a weight set + bench, and an updated family photo with a dark wooden frame."—Sarah Joy Albrecht
  10. "I also want a flannel robe, a storage case for my essential oils, a new bra and a new pair of jeans."—Jenny Vehlow
  11. "Starbucks, Tyme Iron, and leggings. ❤️"—Amanda Higgins"Nursing clothes."—Kristina Rettler
  12. "New clothes that actually look nice and fit and more time with my son and husband."—Kerrana McAvoy Clément
  13. Some pampering makeover and the help not to engage in any house work."—Pearl Mwendia
  14. "A new coat for myself. My old one is a good 17 years old."—Courtney Crawford"
  15. A swing for my baby, new clothes, lovely shoes, and a car."—Ella Rapheals
  16. "Meals cooked for me and my house cleaned!"—Heather Heard
  17. "A wheelbarrow"—Kinsley Harlow
  18. " A Wildbird sling!"—Olivia Beaman
  19. " Bras "—Maria Akemi
  20. "A puppy!!"—Tiffany Prystay"
  21. "Ergo 360!"—Joanna Whiteman"
  22. "Fitbit."—Tzippora Wainstain
What's on your list, mama?