2. Let her sleep in ?

Unless your wife's idea of a good time is getting up for a 6 am run, (sidenote: she's our hero) Mother's Day means “I've got the kids this morning."

This is non-negotiable.

Don't wake her up on Sunday morning to say, “Hey, I'm getting up with the kids now." That doesn't count as letting her sleep in. No—just let. her. sleep. and slip out of the room as quietly as possible in the morning.

Uninterrupted rest is the Holy Grail for moms.

Every time a mom sleeps through the night, an angel gets his wings. ?

So get her Mother's Day off on the right foot by letting her sleep like a college kid.

And when mama finally rolls down the stairs at 10 am, be sure to have her coffee ready. ☕️

3. Breakfast goals ?

Whether in bed, in the kitchen, at Starbucks or at her favorite brunch spot, a thoughtful breakfast is a must on Mother's Day.

Let the kids “help"—or don't and show off your sexy soufflé skills. But either way, she is absolutely NOT ALLOWED to clean up.

4. Power to the ritual

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Some faith traditions bless moms on Mother's Day. Other families have special traditions they bring out every year. Whether it's a mother's blessing or a special roses each year, pointing to the bigger picture can bring deeper meaning to her day.

5. Do some digital digging + sleuth for what she really wants

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Check out her Pinterest boards to get a sense of what products, recipes or activity ideas have already caught her eye. You can't fail with a new lipstick, workout outfit or home decor item that she's already added to her board. (Meaning: She already loves it.) ?

Bonus points: She'll be impressed with how incredibly thoughtful you are. So it's kind of a win-win.

7. Involve family + friends

To really make her swoon, team up with her best friend's husband to coordinate an afternoon where they can get out together. Because, as much as she loves you, do either of you really want to have a discussion about the latest episode of Scandal?

Or, if family is nearby, do the legwork on getting together for a meal—and then allow her to enjoy every course from the appetizer to dessert while you wrangle the kids.

8. Non-stop affection

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A drooly little baby kiss. A toddler hug. A pat on the butt from her husband. Don't just tell mama that you love her, show her with a day full of affection. You are her people, and she wants all the kisses and hugs.

11. Bonus: Keep the mother love coming

Don't let Mother's Day be the only time of the year you stop to give mama attention + affection.

Motherhood is an endless, often thankless job. (It's also an awesome and essential one.) So recognizing her amazingness on the daily can go a long way—whether in words, email or text.

You've got this.

Mother's Day can be a tricky holiday for supportive partners to get right. Does mama want a break—or a day of family bonding? (Hint: A little bit of both.)

Motherly's editors bring you 10 steps to Mother's Day success so you can shower the mother in your life with nothing but love—

1. Ask her what her best Mother's Day" looks like

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Ask mama if she wants to be surprised by the Mother's Day's events, or if she wants to do something specific.

If she wants to be surprised: Ask yourself what happiness and relaxation looks like for your woman. DO NOT bring her to the mall if she loves her alone time. Do not leave her alone if she loves brunch with her besties. Ask yourself when she feels truly loved and happy and cared for. DO THAT.

If she has something specific in mind: This does NOT mean she has to plan her own Mother's Day. There is an important distinction between having an idea of what she wants to do, and having to plan it. Give her a break from the 24/7 logistics operation and plan all of the details for her.

6. Or try the old faithfuls

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with relying on traditional symbols of your love and devotion if you're otherwise stumped on what gift to give.

Flowers—She'll especially adore a modern arrangement from a place like BloomThat. (Psst, BloomThat is offering Motherly readers 15% off orders, use code MOTHERLY15. Expires 5/15)

Jewelry—Go for something sentimental rather than flashy. Something featuring gems that represent your children's birthstones is always a mama-fave.

Spa day—Don't just get her the gift card, but actually arrange the specific time for her to take advantage of it!

Breakfast in bed—No need to go overboard. In fact, something that can be whipped together the minute you hear her stirring in the bedroom is great—no need to wake mama up just because the pancakes are hot!

10. Tell her—in words and actions —just how amazing she is

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Whether you're known for your classic love letters or the thought of writing makes you break out in a sweat, take one for the team and put something—anything—down on paper about how wonderful she is. As a prompt: What are three reasons you love her more now than ever before?

Is that still not your thing? Print off and frame a favorite picture of you two together and tell her why you still feel all ? when you see it. Because we all know mama's still got it going on!

9. Then give her some deliberate alone time

Some of the sweetest words to a mama's ears are, “Honey, I'm taking the kids down to the park for an hour!" She loves you. She loves them. But she forgets what it's like to casually linger around a quiet house at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Behind every amazing Mother's Day is some alone time for mama. Make it happen.