To my baby—

Here we are. 28 weeks in our pregnancy. Hello, third trimester! ?

Sometimes I feel like this pregnancy is zooming by and we’re in the home stretch and I have lots to do and I can’t believe you’re almost here!

But then five seconds later I think—wow, I actually still have a ways to go…

I guess that’s how the third trimester goes. Slow moments, followed quickly by panicky fast moments. Wanting to speed up time so you can see your baby, but also desperately wanting to freeze it because you don’t know if you’re ready yet. You want to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

Either way, no matter how fast or slow this is going, there’s one thing I know for sure—I can’t wait to meet you, my sweet baby.

Because I wonder about you.

I wonder who you will be. What you will look like. What will be similar or different to my other two babies. How you’ll feel in my arms. What your soft baby head will smell like. What color your eyes will be. When you’ll arrive. How labor will go. What your final name will be.

I can’t wait to see you.

I can’t wait to be your mom. I can’t wait to see you with your big sisters. I can’t wait to see your father hold you. (He’s one heck of a dad, little one!) I can’t wait to teach you things, to watch you grow. I can’t wait to welcome you to this side of the world and to introduce myself as “Mama.”

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Because soon, we will meet.

Soon, I will be able to tell you how much I love you—face-to-face.

Soon, I’ll hold you in my arms and I’ll feel like you were always supposed to be there.

Soon, I’ll have the privilege of looking into your eyes and I’ll realize you were always meant to be part of our family.

Soon, we’ll say your name out loud and it’ll feel like we’ve been saying your name forever.

Soon, I’ll be a mother of three, and it’ll feel like the most natural thing in the world.

Soon, we will get into our new family groove.

Soon, I’ll have another newborn to love, to cuddle, to cherish.

Soon, you will become part of our family— “officially”—and we will show you how we act toward one another with love, loyalty, trust and friendship.

Soon, I’ll experience the miracle that is giving birth. I’ll prove to myself that I am a strong, capable woman.

Soon, I’ll meet my child for the first time—again. Again I will feel that intense, unexplainable, magical feeling.

Soon, you’ll be showing me who you are—your likes and dislikes, your quirks and preferences. And it’ll feel like I’ve always know this little person.

Soon, I will read you our favorite books and rock you to sleep.

Soon, I will watch your cute stretches, yawns and smiles. I will swoon over your little grunts and noises. I will think, “Has there ever been someone so perfect?”

Soon, we will take you on adventures and show you all that life has to offer.

Soon, I will give you my heart, and I’ll forever hold a piece of yours.

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Soon, I will never remember life without you.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this side of the world, my darling.

See you soon.


Your mom