Netflix wants to help parents better understand what their kids are watching, so the streaming giant is rolling out several new family-friendly features.

The Kids Activity Report will email parents information about the shows their children watch.

According to The Verge, it’s not just limited to what their kids watch, either. The report will break down information about show characters, which shows their kids spend the most time watching, and recommendations for new shows based on their viewing history.

The report will also come with a “joke of the day,” printable coloring pages, and curated questions for parents to ask their kids about their favorite shows.

Netflix officials say it’s all about helping parents better connect with their kids.

“Most parents have a pulse on what their kids like, based on their Halloween costumes or toys they ask for at Christmas, but we don’t always know what those shows are about,” said Michelle Parsons, who leads Netflix’s product innovation team for kids and family. “What is the show, in essence, talking about?”

Not interested in receiving the report? Parents can opt-out at any time.

Netflix is also rolling out a Family Profile setting that will only offer family-friendly content. Only TV shows up to a TV-14 rating and movies up to a PG-13 rating will appear as searchable content.

“The key thing to understand is that it creates a family profile with co-viewing in mind that’s most relevant for specific family audiences,” Parsons said.

The Kids Activity Report and Family Profiles features are rolling out now as part of a global test.

Check your email now to find out if you’ve received an invitation from Netflix to test out the Kids Activity Report. You’ll need to opt-in to testing out the Family Profile through your Netflix account.

We’re eager to see these new features in action.