We're always on the lookout for toys that help our children dream big and get creative.

Apparently, so is Shonda Rhimes.

The television producer and writer took to Twitter to share how while Christmas shopping for her daughters this year, she found a great company that makes surgeon dolls. The only problem? The surgeon scrub sets were only offered for the boy dolls.

So Rhimes, the creator of shows like 'Scandal' and 'Grey's Anatomy,' channeled her inner Olivia Pope, Dr. Meredith Grey, and Dr. Miranda Bailey.

"Listen to this," Rhimes tweeted. "Trying to finish up holiday shopping for my tiny humans, I find these @TheFreshDolls. Excellent dolls! But they only made male surgeon dolls. What? Dr. Bailey and Dr. Pierce on #GreysAnatomy would not be for that and neither would all of the many female BIPOC surgeons out there."

"HERE IS THE THING," she continued. "I wrote them. Because I got some Olivia Pope in me. I said this was an issue. And do you know what they did? THEY MADE FEMALE SURGEON DOLLS. IMMEDIATELY."

"I can't think of any company that would do that so fast and so nicely. So now I'm proud to give my girls these dolls as a Christmas gift this year. Thank you @TheDrLisa and @TheFreshDolls."

The Fresh Dolls company responded to their superstar customer, thanking Rhimes for her feedback and for the strong female characters she's brought into our lives.

"Thank you for reaching out! We applaud you for bringing diversity and strong female leads to our television screens. We want to make sure everyone is appropriately represented, so when we received your message we said "IT'S HANDLED". We have some Olivia Pope in us too "

We love this!

You can now buy 'Surgeon in Charge' female scrub sets for your child's 11" plastic dolls, as well as 'Essential Workers' scrubs sets for 18" dolls.

You can buy a 'Surgeon in Charge' scrub set (left) or 'Essential Workers' scrub set (right) from the company.The Fresh Dolls

Consider it handled.