Something about those famous golden arches is just irresistible to kids. When a 3-year-old Brazilian boy was hit with a craving for McDonald's last week, he took matters into his own hands—with the help of his mom's cell phone.

Raissa Wanderley shared the hilarious story on Instagram, along with a shot of the adorable culprit surrounded by his massive McDonald's feast. She explained that this wasn't the first time her son Tom sneakily ordered some fast food, but it seems he really splurged this time.

His order? Six hamburger meals, six Happy Meals along with eight extra toys, some fries with bacon and cheese, and two orders of McNuggets complete with extra dipping sauce. To wash it all down, Wanderley's son also ordered 10 milkshakes, 8 bottles of water, plus a grape juice. And of course, there's no way a 3-year-old would forget about dessert, so the order also included a couple of ice cream sundaes, McFlurries, and apple pies. Someone's eyes were definitely bigger than their stomach.

As if running up a bill of about 400 Brazilian Reals, or $75 U.S, wasn't naughty enough, the little boy then had the nerve to complain to his mom that one of the Minion toys he'd ordered hadn't been delivered—we can't help but wonder if he left a Yelp review.

Wanderley told the media that she'd been showering after returning home from a doctor visit when Tom started clamoring for McDonald's. Apparently he just couldn't wait until she got out—but fortunately for him, his mom found the whole situation too funny to be mad about. And luckily, the food didn't go to waste—the family shared it with some relatives living in the same building. The viral incident even captured the attention of MacDonald's Brazil, which said they'd be sending the family some treats. Here's hoping it includes that missing Minion.