And unwind with a little more R&R

Takeout and Netflix perhaps? Get some rest mama, you’re so close!

Tell us: What’s on your pampering to do list?


at a dreamy farm-to-table restaurant because ?

Wake up, prenatal yoga class

Because #endorphins, stretching, and a little “omm” is good for the soul.

A new outfit

or two or three or four, we won’t judge. Probably something sweet for baby too? Why not, right?

A warm bath

Light some candles and get out those bath salts, too.

We’re pretty sure you don’t need an excuse to #treatyoself, but in case you do, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to pampering yourself before baby arrives. So basically, our dream day. You deserve it! Call your girlfriends and tell them you’re going out.

Some cold-pressed juice and a pedicure

because there’s no way you can still reach your toes, and you deserve to be rubbed.

Followed by a dry bar

Seriously, we could hug whoever created this concept.

A prenatal massage

because every pregnant woman should have a table with a cutout for her belly.