Those first few months of fatherhood can be tough on the fitness regime. But for Joey Gonzalez, a typical “dadbod" just isn't an option. As CEO of Barry's Bootcamp, he has a worldwide workout empire to run, not to mention a reputation to uphold as one of the most enigmatic -- and in-shape -- fitness experts out there. So when Joey and his husband Jonathan Rollo, founder of Greenleaf (both are also partners in LA's hip new kid-friendly restaurant Au Fudge), welcomed Francesca Isabella Gonzollo via surrogate in December, he had to stay focused on maintaining that healthy lifestyle… and reputation.

For our Father's Day Wellness Spotlight with SmartyPants Vitamins, we took a peek into Joey's morning routine, and learned how he and Jon juggle work, wellness and their delicious little baby.

How has your fitness routine changed since becoming a dad?

I make an effort to work out at least five times a week. People always say when you have kids, you just don't have the time. But I think the more difficult aspect is that the time you have, you're dying to get home to them in your arms.

How did you decide to take the leap into fatherhood?

When we realized we were actually NEVER going to be ready.

How are you feeling about celebrating your first father's day together with your husband?

I'm really excited to celebrate, but it will be more meaningful once she's able to make little cards that say things like "You're the best Dad in the world."

How do you balance being parents and entrepreneurs? Tell us a little about a typical day.

I wake up at 5-something am. I entertain Frankie with playtime on the floor, breakfast in the rocking chair, and letting the dogs outside to watch them play. Then it's a stroller ride to Larchmont around 7:30 am for coffee, followed by the first nap of the day. I leave for work when her nanny arrives around 8:30 am. I look forward to getting home all day, and giving her a bath (which she LOVES), feeding her (while her eyes roll in the back of her head), and putting her to bed.

How are you incorporating parenting into your business life and aspirations?

I'm learning how to be more efficient with my time. Before baby, it didn't matter that I worked 24/7. Now there is purpose beyond myself and my aspirations, and that shift is most evident on the weekends. I used to be in studios throughout Saturday and Sunday, teaching and checking in. Since Frankie was born, I declared Saturdays "Papa Day," and we're together all day long. (I'm still teaching on Sundays, though, and spending some time in the studios.)

What about the parenting community in L.A. -- how have you found your local support network?

I have a few best friends that happened to have kids at the same exact time, so haven't had to look very far for the support and companionship.

Why is healthy living so important to you?

What could be more important than living a healthy and happy life?

How has taking a multivitamin become part of your dad routine?

I gave up candy for 2016, so SmartyPants makes me feel like I'm cheating. AND they're good for me!

What's one thing you hope your baby learns about what you do and why you do it?

I hope she appreciates the importance of finding her purpose in life. Of empowering herself on how to harness her strengths and improve the community and world around her through hard work, passion and commitment.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to a new dad?

Keep a journal of your special moments. There isn't a more important time in your life that you'll want to read about in the future.

Photography by Lily Glass for Well Rounded NY.

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