Mothers are amazing. We are strong, we are brave and we are resilient.

Each week at Motherly we round up the stories going viral across the internet to help keep you up to date on what you may have missed in your news feed. But this week feels extra special. This week the internet is celebrating stories of mothers overcoming challenges. We all face our own challenges every day, and if you need a little inspiration to overcome yours, you may find it in these viral stories that are making us smile:

Mom goes viral after giving birth + getting cancer diagnosis on the same day

When Brooke Taylor was pregnant she noticed a lump on her breast and told her doctor...but her doctor wan't concerned and told her it was probably just pregnancy related and didn't examine it. When she was 38 weeks pregnant and the lump was still bothering her, Taylor demanded her OB take it seriously and have a look at it, she tells Good Morning America. "I actually took off my shirt and said, 'I'm not leaving until you feel this,'" Taylor says. "I will never forget the look on her face when she felt the lump. I saw the color drain from her face and she looked at me." A biopsy was quickly performed and the results were positive for breast cancer. After the doctor called to tell Taylor the results they also told her to get to the hospital—she would need an emergency C-section as soon as possible so that cancer treatments could begin immediately. "Elsie James Taylor was born at 2:04 p.m. on July 22, roughly six hours after her mom learned she had breast cancer," Good Morning America reports. Taylor has gone viral thanks to her interview with GMA and her social media presence. On Instagram. Taylor is using her story to encourage other women to demand their doctors check out bumps and lumps, and to share their family histories with their medical providers. As a new mom who is also a chemotherapy patient, Taylor is tired these days, but she tells GMA she's enjoying life with her daughter and doesn't take it for granted. "Now that we're in month three, I feel like the shock has finally worn off and I'm able to connect with Elsie on the more maternal level," Taylor said. "I'm better able to balance the cancer treatment with motherhood."

New mom goes viral for pumping while running marathon

We often say that giving birth is harder on the body as running a marathon, and that mamas are the ultimate endurance athletes but a mama who went viral this week takes it to another level. Molly Waitz just completed the New York City marathon—and when she crossed that finish line, she had ounces of pumped breast milk on hand. That's right: She actually managed to pump her milk right there on the marathon's course. Yup, we're just as blown away by this as you are. So how exactly did she manage to pump while running? Well, Waitz used the Willow pump , which is a wearable device that allows women to pump hands-free. The pump is connected to an app that alerts a mama when her milk bags (which sit inside the pump) are full. According to ABC News , Waitz would stop to pop her full bags of milk into the backpack she wore during the race. She'd then replace the bags with new ones and continue. "I pumped for the first time somewhere between miles three and four and then I did it again right off the Queensboro Bridge, which was mile 16," Waitz tells ABC News . "I slowed down a little bit to do it but I didn't really have to. You could do it blindfolded." The mama reportedly finished the race in six hours and 46 minutes, and pumped about 20 ounces of milk along the way. While Waitz is definitely an inspiration to so many mamas out there, she also wants fellow moms to know that her story is just that— her story—and it shouldn't serve as a comparison tool for any other moms out there. "I wanted to do the marathon and the necessity was figuring out how I was going to do it," the mama tells ABC News . "There's a lot of stigma about how should you feed your child. That's not what I wanted to get across by doing this." While Waitz's accomplishment is absolutely amazing, it wasn't something she dreamed about—in fact, she never even imagined she'd be able to run a marathon while just eight months postpartum, let alone while working full-time and breastfeeding. "I never thought I would [run a marathon] and the fact that I was able to do it while working full-time and caring for my child, it was just unbelievable," Waitz tells ABC News . No mama, you're unbelievable. You made this happen.

Mom whose overdose went viral is now celebrating 3 years of sobriety 👏

Three years ago Erika Hunt went viral after police released a photo of her overdosing on heroin in her car while her 10-month-old son was in the back seat. It was Hunt's rock bottom, and a story the police chose to share widely in the hopes of convincing other opiate addicts to get help before getting to the point of desperation Hunt was clearly in, Now Hunt has gone viral again for the best reason: She's celebrating three years of sobriety! "I hope people see how low my bottom was and that they know if their bottom is not that far from mine, that they can come back too, she tells Good Morning America . "I just think it's really cool because I feel even more planted and stable in my recovery [today]." The first time she went viral, Hunt was humiliated, but now Hunt is proud. She's sober, working full-time and is able to parent her son in a way that became impossible when, after a drug-free pregnancy, she relapsed at two months postpartum. She credits the first responders who administered Narcan to her the day of her overdose with saving her life and giving her back to her son. "Now we're inseparable pretty much. He's a mama's boy," she explains.

Oh, and Baby Shark finally reached Stephen King and his tweet went viral

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard Baby Shark until now, but that's exactly what happened to bestselling novelist Stephen King, who recently tweeted: "I finally heard that Baby Shark song. I may never get it out of my head." Trust us Stephen, you won't.