October is over, mama! It feels like it was summer just yesterday but we are already creeping into the holiday season and soon it will be time to trade your Pumpkin Spice for a Christmas Blend. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves because we still have a special night to celebrate. Halloween is here (whether we like the weather or not) and there are a ton of adorable viral stories that you have just got to read while waiting on Trick-or-Treaters tonight.

These are the viral stories that made us smile this week:

These NICU babies just won Halloween with their viral video

Having a baby in the NICU is neither easy nor fun, but sometimes you have to bring a bit of the holiday spirit into the hospital's walls. That's what a Chicago hospital just did when patients in the NICU dressed up for Halloween. These costumes are SO cute...and they give the tiny, adorable NICU babies a chance to celebrate the beloved holiday. We love that these babies were able to have some Halloween fun (and we bet it brought their parents so much joy!). These sweet babies in their costumes are truly the ultimate Halloween treat.

Another NICU goes viral on Halloween

Meanwhile at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina the NICU babies were not about to be outdone by their peers in Chicago. Thanks to April Bentley of April Bentley-Photography , Deneen Bryan of Hazel Grace Photography and the incredible costumers at Preemies of the Carolinas , these NICU sweethearts were looking perfect during their (now viral) Halloween photo shoot.

This mom's crochet costumes went viral

Ohio mama Stephanie Pokorny went viral this week thanks to the amazing crochet costumes she made for her sons, Jack, 4, and Jacob, 7. She's done ET, Predator, Pennywise from "IT", just to name a few and ended up all over morning TV because of it. Pokorny told Good Morning America the first costume she crocheted was back in 2015 when Jack went as a caterpillar. These days she starts crocheting early so the costumes are done in September. If you're not quite as crafty as she is check out her Etsy store to get a jump on next year.

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