Does it get much better than being a baby? Eating, sleeping and wearing almost exclusively sweatpants on the daily -- talk about my dream life! That being said, there’s nothing cuter than a little one sporting a pair of baby jeans. At least, for me. Denim is one of my personal go-to staples, and I find myself purchasing more and more of it for my son as he gets older. Jackets, pants, overalls, bonnets, bowties... I just can’t help myself.

Today, I put together a few of my baby denim favorites for both little gals and little pals. Most items are layering pieces that will be useful throughout winter and even spring -- that is, if your babe doesn’t grow out of them too quickly. With pants and tops and accessories, you’ll find the perfect piece to complement your little one’s outfit.

Here are 11 pieces of baby denim that made my heart melt:

1. Tasty Ties, indigo baby blue tie. $19, buy here.

2. Briar Handmade, brimmed chambray bonnet. $42, buy here.

3. Union, overalls. $62, buy here.

4. H&M, treggings. $9.99, buy here.

5. Gap, quilted chambray bear one-piece. $24.97, buy here.

6. Old Navy, Chambray pocket shirt for baby. $16.50, buy here.

7. Zara, Lined jogging jeans. $15.99, buy here.

8. Levi’s, Baby boy knit hoodie. $29.99, buy here.

9. Blu & Blue, Esmeralda pretty little lady dress. Click here for price.

10. Cat & Jack, Baby boy’s skinny jeans dark wash. $10, buy here.

11. Willaby shop, Denim work shirt. $55, buy here.


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