Last weekend I was hit with some news that—I’ll be honest—hurt. It hurt bad. Apparently, Gen Z (like every generation before) has come for the generation above them. And this time, it’s me. It’s me, the side-part rocking, laughing emoji face using, skinny jeans wearing Millennial. They’ve taken the floor (and by “floor” I mean Tik-Tok and Instagram ) to roast us for what I like to think is timeless style.

At first, I was angry. “You’re going to have to pry my skinnies from my cold, dead hands,” I said out loud to no one. But in the days since, I’ve come around a bit. I mean, we did it to our parents when they rocked their shoulder pads and ill-fitting pleated pants. It’s a rite of passage, I suppose. Additionally, as we look ahead to a future where we once again can venture out into the world clad in real pants with an actual button, it’s fun to explore the possibilities. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite non-skinny jeans that might be worth some space in your post-Covid spring wardrobe.

Check out my Gen Z-approved, non-skinny jean picks below!

Universal Thread™ women’s high-rise vintage straight cropped jeans

Universal Threadu2122 women's high-rise vintage straight cropped jeans Target’s Universal Thread line has made a name for itself as high-quality at rock-bottom pricing which makes them an excellent option for trying new styles. Also, it makes you feel a little better about sinking money into something that’s ripped on purpose. This high-waisted distressed style is the perfect cut for weekend rambles and playground adventures. Note that some reviewers say they run small in the waist, so you might want to size up.

Everlane way high jean

Everlane way high jean Everlane jeans never disappoint, so I’m pretty excited about a new style in the mix. The high waist flatters as per usual but the bit of stretch is what really makes these work. The faint front seam fade and raw hem gives them just enough distressing to feel edgy without looking worn out.

MOTHER The Insider high waist crop step fray jeans

MOTHER The Insider high waist crop step fray jeans Ok, so mayyyybe these are kinda skinny. But like I said, you’re never going to fully take the style away from me. This pair from the very apropos brand MOTHER has a sassy but tough crop fray that crushes it with either high heeled boots or a fresh pair of kicks.

Universal Standard Carrie high rise wide leg

Universal Standard carrie high rise wide leg Jean lovers have been raving about Universal Standard for far more reasons than the way they’ve nailed denim. From their A+ customer service (you can try things on at home for free!) to their refreshing size-inclusiveness, they’re truly a brand to watch. The Carrie is my top pick for wide-leg jeans this season. Paired with some platform sandals, they’ve got that fab 70’s vibe that never really went out of style. (IMHO.)

Levi’s wedgie icon fit jeans

Levi's wedgie icon fit jeans This wouldn’t be a denim round-up without Levi’s. The OG of jeans, Levi’s 501s have been around for 145 years. And while the standard cut has stood the test of time, the vintage-inspired Wedgie style has recently earned its place as a new Levi’s icon. I know, I know. Who wants a wedgie on purpose ? However, the spectacular booty boost it provides is undeniable. Get it, mama.

Gap high rise barrel jeans

Gap high rise barrel jeans Made from a thicker (but not too thick!) denim, the high rise barrel jeans from Gap feel like a 2021 update to the jeans our moms rocked in the 80’s. Honestly, I never thought I’d approve of pleats, but the subtle front gather is not remotely Miami Vice, adding a visual interest that’s 100% fresh.

Mom High Ankle Jeans – Denim blue/washed – Ladies | H&M US

h & M mom high ankle jeans One of H & M’s most highly reviewed staples, the Mom High Ankle Jean is mom-core for the masses. Their affordable price point doesn’t mean they skimp on quality, either. Even better, if you fall in love with the cut, they offer six washes so you can wear a different pair almost every day of the week.

Lee x H & M slouch straight high jeans

Lee x H & M slouch straight high jeans I’m not necessarily suggesting you buy these, rather, I’d like to have a talk about them. In reseaching this article, it has come to my attention just how dangerously close we’re getting to going full blown Delia’s catalog v. 2.0 in the style sphere. I can’t say I’m here for it (yet) but my interst is piqued. I mean, I didn’t have a hammer to put in this side loop the first time around, but maybe these days as the unofficial “holder of all the things” it could come in handy? I am here for conversation.

DL1961 Hepburn wide leg high rise vintage

DL1961 vintage high rise hepburn These pants are the best thing that happened to me in 2020 (after the birth of my twins). They are soft, comfortable and super versatile-they can be dressed up and down. Also, whoever said that white cannot be worn during winter, I would like to correct them because I’ve been rocking these in the frigid Maine winter. -Motherly Editor

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