How to Pack your Diaper Bag

A packing expert shares her best tips for stocking your baby bag.

How to Pack your Diaper Bag

We’ve all been there: you’re standing in the cramped corner of a public bathroom with a naked, wailing infant on the changing table, rummaging around your diaper bag for a wipe and a clean diaper. Your fingers move past the toys, extra shirts, and baggies, only to come up with...nothing.

Packing your diaper bag for optimum performance in a crisis situation is key - because let’s face it, every moment in motherhood is basically a crisis situation. Toddler mom Hitha Palepu, packing expert and author of How to Pack, says, “Be mindful about what you pack in your diaper bag. It's very easy to grab everything - toys, extra clothes, bottles, and food. But it’s hard to carry all that around all day. Consider the kind of day you're going to have, and what you'll TRULY need -- not what you think you may need.”

Below Hitha details what goes into a perfect diaper bag packing job.

1. Diaper Bag. Invest in a nice bag for yourself so you remember the smart, brilliant, amazing woman you were before you were a mom. You're still her. 7AM Enfant Voyager Bag, buy it here.

2. Stroller blanket. Beyond the obvious use as a blanket, it also doubles as a nursing cover in public. Babyletto Stroller Blanket, buy it here.

3. Diapers. For a baby 0-3 months, pack 2 diapers for every hour you'll be out. For 3-12 months, 1 diaper for every hour. Make sure you have at least 3 diapers in your diaper bag! Babyganics Diapers, buy it here.

4. Wipes. Beyond the obvious (you know, wiping baby), organic wipes are also safe to remove your makeup and can spot treat stains or spills on your clothing or upholstered furniture. Babyganics wipes, buy it here.

5. Wet/dry bag. Pack this bag with your diapering essentials: diapers, wipes, changing pad, deodorized bags for poopy diapers. When you need to change your baby's diaper in a public space, you just have to grab that pouch and your kid, versus bringing a giant diaper bag into a tiny NYC restroom. Bebe au lait Wet/Dry Bag, buy it here.

6. Fridababy Nosefrida. Even if your hands are sanitized, you still shouldn’t be picking boogers out of your baby’s nose. This is a lifesaver. Fridababy Nosefrida, buy it here.

7. Hand sanitizer. Never leave home without it. Enough said. Babyganics Hand Sanitizer, buy it here.


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