While we can’t guarantee a mess-free experience (sorry!), these eight products will help you foster a miniature foodie from your baby’s first nibbles to those big kid bites.

1. For busy moms with great taste: Raised Real Membership

Sure, you love the idea of making your own baby food. But finding the time to buy, prep, and cook nutritious food for every meal is hard if, you know, you want to do anything else with your day—until now. Meet Raised Real, the homemade baby food company that delivers organically sourced, fresh, and pre-portioned meals to your home every two weeks. Every meal contains whole ingredients like sweet potato and mango or broccoli and kale. Better yet, they’re tested and optimized by co-founder Dr. Michelle Davenport, a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition, to make sure each bite nourishes your baby as much as possible. Raised Real even helps you do the work of blending and steaming with their all-in-one Meal Maker (free with membership), which means less cleaning post-mealtime. And because the ingredients are all raw, diced, and plant-based, you can customize the steaming and blending to serve as puree or finger food as your little one grows.

Pro tip: What if you have questions? Your membership also gives you access to Raised Real’s Baby Food Hotline. Simply text your concerns to receive answers, tips, and even encouragement for first feeders.


2. For quicker cleanups: Bumkins Waterproof Bibs

While we can’t guarantee that every first foods session won’t result in a full laundry basket, we can offer one less thing you’ll need to scrub down: your baby’s bib! These waterproof bibs from Bumkins are made from a waterproof fabric and designed to be comfortable and durable. There’s even a pocket to catch spills—meaning you might get to skip mopping the floor. (Here’s hoping!)

Pro tip: When you do need to wash the bib (like after baby’s first time trying blueberries, for example), they’re safe to throw in the washing machine, but be sure to hang dry to protect the waterproof fabric.


3. For a smoother scoop: Olababy Training Spoon

Inspired by nature and designed to be baby’s first self-feeding spoon, the Olababy Training Spoon features a flexible, leaf-shaped tip that flexes to scoop, cut, and slice from any angle. It’s also ergonomically designed for little hands, and the wide base allows the spoon to rest upright to avoid germs. (Meaning it’s perfect for baby’s first time eating in public!)

Pro tip: The BPA-free material and flexible design also make this spoon great for teething babies—especially when those molars start to come in.


4. To prevent foodie flinging: Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowls

The hardest part of first feedings? That first time your baby inevitably chucks his bowl onto the floor. (Don’t worry, mama—it happens to the best of us!) Or, you could skip that moment entirely with a bowl that knows how to hold its ground. We love the Stay-Put Suction Bowls from Munchkin, which cling to almost any surface for fewer spills. When mealtime is over, simply pull the quick-release tab on the suction base for easy parent removal.

Pro tip: Ready to un-stick? Place dirty bowls into the dishwasher to clean, and then get back to playtime.


5. For drip-free sips: LollaCup Straw Sippy Cup

Ah, the sippy cup. It seems like no one has been able to design one just right yet… or at least that’s how we felt until we discovered Lollaland’s Lollacup. Featured on Shark Tank, this genius little cup features a weighted straw for easy sips, even when the cup is tilted. It’s also valve-free, meaning your child won’t struggle to suck and you won’t struggle to clean hard-to-reach corners. Plus, that cute little bird face top? Totally adorable.

Pro tip: No more fighting to fit your baby’s cup into the cup holder—this cup’s handles detach with a single twist for a perfect fit almost every time.


6. To catch any extra spills: EzPz Happy Mats

Skip the bowl entirely in favor of a sectioned placemat that won’t slip or slide during mealtime. Happy Mats from EzPz are made from 100 percent food-grade silicone and offer three portioned compartments that are four or ten ounces each. They’re also dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven safe up to 350 degrees—hello, fewer dishes!

Pro tip: Feeding a crowd? Three to four Happy Mats can be stacked and carried with food for quicker serving.


7. For little leftovers: Bluelans Silicone Weaning Baby Food Freezer Tray

We’ll admit, not every new food is going to be a hit the first time your baby tries it. If you can only get your little one to eat a few bites (or you make more than you need to fill that little belly) save the leftovers in the freezer to try another day. We love this silicone freezer tray from Bluelans, with seven BPA- and PVC-free compartments. When it’s time to eat, simply pop out one of the scoops to defrost—dinner is served!

Pro tip: Each tray is stain-resistant and dishwasher safe for an easy clean up.


8. For cooler snacking: Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

If serving those first few bites has you feeling nervous about your baby choking, consider a Fresh Food Feeder from Munchkin to get things started. The mesh feeder keeps bigger food chunks in place until your baby can gum them down to size, and it’s BPA-free for safe sucking. The colorful mesh also resists stains during snack time.

Pro tip: Teething baby? Place a piece of frozen fruit in the feeder for some soothing chewing.


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