Pink has been a Grammy nominee 20 times, and this year she was nominated again, for best pop vocal album for “Beautiful Trauma.”

Unfortunately, Pink couldn’t make it to the Grammy’s this year. She chose to stay home with her family Sunday night, because her 2-year-old son, Jameson, was sick.

When Arianna Grande beat out Pink for best pop vocal album, Pink was fine with it. “I think it’s kind of rad that I just lost my 20th Grammy nomination. I’m always honored to be included. Now to get this sick baby in the bathtub. Congrats to all the nominees! Have fun tonight,” she Tweeted.

Her daughter Willow, 7, was not fine with it though. She wanted her mama to get an award, and so she made one. Willow’s tin foil Grammy was a big hit with Pink.

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The tin foil Grammys are something of a tradition in Pink’s house. She’s been nominated 20 times but somehow never won the real award. Her husband, Carey Hart, started the tin foil Grammy tradition years ago and now the kids are involved too.

During an appearance on Ellen last week, Pink joked that “This will be my 17th tinfoil Grammy on Sunday.”

Congrats on your 17th tinfoil Grammy, Pink (and on having such a supportive family in your corner).

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