Show me a parent who hasn’t been blindsided by some outrageously hilarious question their child has asked them. And, of all the funny things kids say, they usually do it when you least expect it which just adds to the fun, don’t you think?

In this viral TikTok video, father and TikToker, @bearsteen, captured the moment his little girl asked him a question that clearly threw him for a loop.

The video starts with the camera trained on him while he asks, “Why don’t you have what?”

His 5-year-old daughter’s voice in the background says, “Why don’t I have boobies?”

And if that’s not making you shake your head and hold your stomach laughing, don’t worry you’ll get there.

Because you can clearly see that he doesn’t quite know what to do with the question but he bravely powers through and gives her an answer.

“So, why don’t you have boobies…they um…they’re just not there yet, they just, they um…you’re not old enough but they’ll, you know, be there eventually.”

The daughter’s innocence and earnest questioning aside, it’s the dad’s hysterical facial expressions that really tie the bow in all of this.

She then says, “They’re gonna grow right?”

And the way this dad tries to reassure his daughter that they will indeed “eventually grow” is just beyond sweet.

“Well, yeah, I mean, they’re gonna grow. That is kinda a weird way to put it but yeah, they’re gonna, yeah. You’ll eventually have them. So, yeah, you’re just not old enough yet and it’s fine. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

But, of course, their conversation doesn’t stop there because then his daughter says, “I wish I had boobies like Grammy.”

He had been holding it together so well up until this point but it’s this statement that makes her dad laugh out loud and turn his head away for a second.

Of course, you can’t predict what your child is going to say next. So, whether they say something embarrassing to their teacher or their coach, or they ask questions that really just make you wonder why or how they even got to thinking about that, the funny things kids say are a one-of-a-kind pick-me-up.

With over 2 million likes and more than 61,000 shares, the internet is definitely loving this viral TikTok video. Check out some of these comments that show just how relatable this cute father-daughter exchange is.

“told my daughter they were back ordered on Amazon, be delivered around 12 or 13 😂😂”

“When you think the convo is awkward and it gets even worse 😂”

“I relate so well to these conversations. I admire how you are able to explain. 😂”

The TikToker dad also posted a follow-up video where he captures Grammy’s reaction.