Sometimes getting your baby down for a nap can feel impossible to accomplish. But what if the best sleep your baby ever got was in their stroller, outside, while you were sipping a nice hot coffee and watching them from inside a cafe?

Babies sleeping outside is exactly the kind of nap time that’s practiced in Danish and other Scandinavian countries.

TikToker, @annieineventyrland, posted a viral video where she explains the cultural custom of letting babies nap outside, rain or shine, in their stroller.

“The Danish practice of having your baby sleep outside in their stroller is not only the cultural norm, but it’s even recommended by your midwives and baby nurses.”

“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and help them sleep better,” she continues, “and napping your baby in their stroller outside is done in all sorts of weather.”

The video is set against a backdrop of various pictures of strollers set outside in different types of weather. It might be a little strange to think of your baby outside in their stroller while it’s raining (and you’re getting some much-deserved me-time at a shop across from them) but the Danish mother of four explains that the babies are dressed appropriately, and are even tucked in with a down duvet that helps them regulate their body temperatures.

And, just from the various pictures in the video almost every stroller has a cover on top. But, the Danish mom also points out that the babies are never too far away from the watchful eyes of their parents, some even have a baby monitor inside the stroller and it’s such a common practice that at any given time there are multiple strollers parked near each other.

She says, “Babies here don’t get kidnapped because no one wants the responsibility of someone else’s kid, especially when our healthcare system does everything they can to help everyone who wants a baby to have their own at little to no cost.”

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Imagine the luxury of feeling safe enough to leave your baby in their stroller during nap time while you relax inside a cafe or have some retail therapy. Or, even being able to schedule things during your child’s nap time because you know it won’t affect them anyway.

Leaving your baby secured and sleeping in their stroller isn’t just practiced when parents are out and about. The TikToker mom says her baby naps outside in her stroller even when they’re at home.

“It’s for her to get the benefits of fresh air, it’s her most familiar sleeping surface at this point and I love that if my family and I ever want to go somewhere while she’s napping we are never stuck at home.”

Norwegian mama, Melissa Frost also wrote about this practice in an article for Medium. In these countries where this is customary, the people have a long-standing close relationship with nature as well as with their neighbors.

According to the World Happiness Report, Nordic countries are consistently among the happiest, their citizens enjoy a higher sense of autonomy and they also have a higher sense of trust for each other. There are generally low crime rates in these countries, Frost points out. And, maybe that’s why there’s no panic at leaving your child in their stroller for a good long nap.

Research suggests that babies (and adults!) sleep better outside and will take longer naps outside. That’s not to say that people leave their babies outside during blizzards, there are health professionals that advise when the weather isn’t safe enough for babies to sleep outside in.

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Babies are even placed outside for naps during day care! Whether it’s the fact that they’re breathing fresh air versus each other’s air, Norwegian nurse, Nina Misvaer, thinks this is why babies in daycare tend to get sick less.

With over 97,000 shares and over 1 million likes, the popular TikTok video has resonated with a lot of people. Because, who wouldn’t want to live in such a trustworthy society?

“imagine feeling this safe in a country 😩”

“Not too much in France but in our small village we do it. I have definitely been considering Copenhagen for a few years now for this 🥰”

“We could never in America, but I thought this was so cool while visiting Iceland.”