Traditionally, infant clothes come in three-month sizes. In other words? Parents have to replace their baby’s wardrobe every three months—or more if there is a growth spurt going on. Not only does that get expensive in a hurry, but that continual turnover results in a lot of waste that's detrimental to Mother Earth. 

So, H&M does what H&M does best: The company imagined a way that’s better for people and the planet. With the company’s room-to-grow, sustainable baby clothes collection launching in May, H&M is doubling down on their commitment to safe, circular and responsibly made clothing—all in very adorable fashion.

We got a peek at the 12-piece, 100% cotton collection and, let us tell you, you’re going to want every item. From the precious tie-wrap tops to adjustable joggers to cozy caps and even cute blankets, the pieces mix and match perfectly. 

While we were hooked by the cute designs, what really sets this collection apart is how truly sustainable it is: Each piece is Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Gold Level. That means the garments exceed lofty standards that ensure the clothes were made in ways that benefit people as well as the planet. 

On a practical level, one of the best ways that parents can reduce fashion waste is to use clothes for longer and pass them along when their children have outgrown the garments. Not only does the new collection give babies room to grow for longer than three months, but the warm color palette of green, yellow and tangerine is also perfectly gender neutral. Once well-loved and passed along to younger siblings or friends, each 100% biodegradable piece can be added to the compost pile, not the landfill. 

H&M Cradle to Cradle

Not surprisingly, a lot of love and care was put into the designs. “Achieving Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Gold level for this newborn collection helps assure new parents that the items aren’t just comfortable and timeless; they are also as sustainable as they are adorable,” says Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design at H&M. “We are proud to have achieved one of the highest levels of certification, and to share our sustainability progress with our customers.”

To earn the Cradle to Cradle Certification, H&M’s collection was evaluated across five sustainability categories…

  • Material health: Made with materials that are safe for humans and the environment
  • Product circularity: The product design and process enables a circular economy
  • Clean air and climate protection: Made using renewable energy
  • Water and soil stewardship: Safeguarding clean water and soil
  • Social fairness: Made with practices that contribute to equitable societies

Available exclusively on H&M’s website in May, the Cradle to Cradle Certified collection is a great way to show your baby a little love while also fostering a better future for the planet we share.