As a new mom, you can never be too prepared. From diaper blowouts, to spit up moments to continually keeping the baby fed and satisfied—it’s good to have all the essentials on hand. 

Now that my baby is due in just weeks, all of the nesting urges are starting to kick in! Do you know what that means? A nesting project or two is on the horizon. I hope I am not alone in this, but I sometimes find myself browsing through the Target aisles to see what I need for a baby as a means of exercise. It’s pretty nice to check two things off the list like that!

Seriously though, while I prepare for our baby, I have found so much joy in doing projects that are simple but will ultimately lead to convenience once the baby arrives. (I’ve heard too many stories that highlight the need to be ready at all times.)

While doing these projects, I come up with possible obstacles we could face when the baby arrives and then I create solutions that will keep the stress down. I know that being a new mom is already going to be a huge transition, so why not go out of the way to be prepared? 

For a quick-and-satisfying first project, I thought about all of the essential items we need for feeding and changing sessions. Convenience is key, so my solution was a portable baby essentials cart. 

I started by heading over to Target, my favorite one-stop-shop. First, I picked up a 3-tier cart that has wheels. This cart is super sleek and it also goes well with all of the decor in my home, which is important to me. 

Next, I found all of the items that will help me keep my baby fed and dry. For me, they are: Honest Diapers, Water Wipes, Dr. Brown's bottles, Aquaphor for diaper changing care, and burp cloths. Not only are these items highly recommended, but I also anticipate that we’ll need to restock—so I have the same products on my Target Registry

Finally, to set up the cart, I unboxed all of the items. It might sound like a small step that could be saved for later, but think about it: Do you really want you to be stuck doing is unboxing diapers in the event that the baby has had a blowout? I don’t! 

Next, I organized everything in a logical way. For me, I thought diapers at the top, wipes in the middle and feeding items would work best at the bottom. This is because I plan to breastfeed and will likely just be needing diapers at any given time. The goal of this cart is to stay minimal and pin down five or so items that I might need. 

Now, all that’s left to do is wait for my baby’s arrival—and maybe tackle a few more nesting projects. I hope this helps create convenience in your home, too!