It took awhile for Owen's umbilical cord to heal so bath time was delayed in our household. While his belly button healed, we gave him sponge baths at his changing table, and after the healing process was complete, we finally started with actual baths. Bath time, initially, wasn't his thing. Over time, it slowly changed. He became familiar with the water and saw that he was safe in his little tub.

I've noticed through bathing, more than any other activity, how much of his emotions are easily swayed by myself or his dad. If I am happy and upbeat about bathing, a smile comes across his face. And if I give in to his lack of enjoyment, he will only continue down that road.

I've started realizing just how much of an influence I have on Owen, and we all have on our babies. It's the part of parenting that is the most exciting… and the most terrifying. You are guiding their experiences constantly at this age. And while babies aren't necessarily retaining specific memories, you are able to begin to create a sense of comfort or familiarity associated with bath time, or eating, or sleeping, or anything. They're all so simple, but also essential.

I know there will be a time where Owen can do without the seat in his tub, and when he outgrows our kitchen sink, but for now I'd like to hold on to this moment where he's still right there and needs my help. This moment where bath time is still something new to him. Where it's still a place for him to explore and learn and create a sense of familiarity and comfort. This moment where he is still my little baby.

Since Owen comes to work with me and we don't get home until around 8pm, I typically give him his baths in the morning, after his breakfast and before his morning nap. This seems to tire him out a bit so that he sleeps even better when that nap rolls around. Our mornings at home have become such a special time for Owen and I. On the days I work, it's the only part of the day where it's just the two of us. It's our time to connect.

There are so many decisions to make as a parent. Products that are healthy and non-toxic for little ones like the lotions & potions line from giggle are no-brainers. The sweet rice milk scent of the bath products is natural and subtle, and the collection is plant-based and gentle so I don't worry about Owen's skin. I've done my research when it comes to baby products and it's honestly overwhelming. It's nice to find a brand like giggle that I can trust.

I've somehow managed to not only feed my family from a 36 square-foot kitchen, but I've developed a section of my blog dedicated to recipes, and it is also the place where we bathe Owen since our bathroom doesn't have a tub -- just a shower. We place his small plastic tub in the kitchen sink and do our thing. You would be surprised how seamless this process is for us. I'm sure over time things will change, but for now it's perfect.

Because our space is so small we certainly don't take our time when it comes to bathing. When he was first born, he hated bath time, so we learned to do it quickly. As he's gotten older and more accustomed to being in water, he has started to enjoy it much more. I never want to forget his little chunky butt and his bath time giggles.

Photography by Amy Frances Photography for Well Rounded NY.

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