*We’ve partnered with doddle & co to help you avoid epic meltdowns. Have you ever tried leaving the house with just one pacifier? In the words of Julia Roberts: Big mistake. Big. Huge. Epic, endless meltdowns were made of that mama mishap. Trust us. We’ve been there. That’s why we’re thrilled the incredible Pop pacifier by Doddle & Co. now comes in a twin pack! Yup, two safe, silicone, pop-tastic pacifiers at your fingertips, always. Well, almost always. Hello, that’s why you need two of them! And here’s 5 other reasons. 1. Um, where did we put that pacifier again?! Pacifiers seem to live in the same realm as hair ties and phone chargers -- so essential, yet so easy to lose track of! Don’t spend twenty minutes searching your diaper bag to a cacophony of baby screams and musical toys… keep an extra pacifier on hand. It’s so much easier. 2. They somehow manage to disappear when they’re in the crib. Using a pacifier helps keep your baby’s airway open, and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, lowers your baby’s risk of SIDS by up to 90 percent. And yet, it’s nearly impossible to make it through the night without your baby “losing” said pacifier. The AAP encourages mamas to give their baby a pacifier during naps and bedtime, and it’s a lot easier to do that when you’ve got an extra on hand at all times. 3. We seriously can’t choose just one color. Mint? Lilac? Navy? It’s just so hard to figure out my baby’s best color! Doddle’s new twin packs come in the perfect color combos so your baby can swap styles to match every adorable outfit. And with the blowouts that happen during those early days, you’re going to be changing outfits (and pacifiers!) often. 4. Calm babies equal calm mamas, so pacifiers kind of help both of us. Because babies suck for comfort and you can only feed them so often, a pacifier is clutch in overwhelming situations. Think: at brunch with friends, shopping, on the train. All that loud and colorful stimuli might just be too much for your little one. When your baby is fussy, but fed and changed, a pacifier can help keep them -- and you! -- calm and happy. 5. They’re always falling on the floor. Well, not yours, because it’s got Doddle & Co’s expertly engineered nipple designed to only have a pullback when it takes a real tumble to the floor or the ground. But your BFF’s pacifier might not, so luckily you’ve got an extra!