There's no shortage of stuff you need to buy for your baby. Wouldn't it be nice if you could support other mamas when you buy it? Not only are they raising tiny humans (like you!), but many of them are also entrepreneurs trying to make parenting easier, safer, or maybe just prettier. To honor the dedication and strength that it takes to bring an idea to life, we've compiled a list of 5 mom-owned baby brands that we absolutely love and that have your little one's best interest at heart.

1. Hae Jeong of Sōm New York. Designed in New York and made in Korea, this brand was founded by interior designer, Hae Jeong. When Hae had her first child a few years ago, she searched for that understated style in kids’ items with simple designs and neutral colors while not compromising the quality that every mother wants to provide for her child. A futile attempt to find such products from one coast to the other inspired Hae to create Sōm New York. The brand's lines of swaddles, blankets and towels are clean and consist of a lovely neutral color palette. All of Sōm’s soft goods are pre-washed, breathable 100% cotton gauze, machine washable and, well, as soft as your baby’s tush.

2. Terra Wood of Wildcreek Co. When Terra found out that she was pregnant, she began scouring the internet for products that she thought would provide a safe and special environment for her new baby. She quickly learned how costly well-crafted, handmade baby items can be – the kind of pieces that were not only safe, durable and thoughtfully made. So she used her artistic skills to create a brand that would bring the very items that she was seeking to life. The style of Wildcreek Co is perfectly minimal. You will find wood, chambray, linen, plaid — the classics. The toys are done in soft, calming pallets and are all quite handsome. They are also waxed with their own in-house organic beeswax/jojoba oil blend to safely protect the wood over time.

3. Katerina Buscemi of Lex & Liv. Lex & Liv specializes in stylish handmade children's footwear that is devoted to delicate little feet. After an early scare, in which her child received a false positive for lead exposure, she found out that her child’s moccasins, made with mainstream leather, were tanned using heavy metal chromium! Katerina sought out to find the perfect leather; tanned and dyed using the purest vegetable ingredients for what would become Lex & Liv. Made in New York, the line features premium vegetable-tanned, toxin free leather. They are also non-allergenic and eco-friendly. The mocs are designed to be easy to get on, but difficult for curious little fingers to remove. They offer protection, while encouraging the free range of motion and balance that develops from walking barefoot and unrestricted. Only the soft suede portion of the leather comes in contact with baby's heel. They certainly care about what goes into their leather and, ultimately, onto your baby's feet.

4. Rachael Fisher of Chewable Charm. Sprouting teeth is a rite of passage, an often stressful period for both baby and parents alike. After their son was over the days of colic, he entered into the dreaded teething stages. Rachael found that there weren’t many options that appealed to her sense of understated style. She began to create teethers that felt as fashionable as they were both functional and practical. Chewable Charm creates teething toys that not only satisfy the grumpiest of gums, but also are thoughtfully designed to appeal to the mom who prefers a simple, elegant solution to wear. Chewable Charm’s necklaces are handmade, using 100% FDA approved high quality food grade dishwasher safe silicone – the kind that has no BPA, PVC, Latex, phthalate or lead. There is no magic cure for teething discomfort, but a stylish Chewable Charm necklace will make the experience a little more pleasant for everyone.

5. Camille Frenette of Ouistitine. Before the birth of her first daughter, Camille wanted to create a stuffed toy with an effortless and simple design. She turned to her mother, Sylvie, an accomplished artisan maker of Waldorf Toys, to help her in its creation. That's how the first Ouistitine toy was born; made from an old cashmere sweater belonging to her grandmother. Ouistitine’s simple and uncluttered lines, paired with a timeless quality, offer soft toys that appeal to all ages. From it’s Waldorf roots, Ouistitine’s animal creations are represented in a simplistic form, giving way to a child’s imagination. A minimal design, allows your child to flex their creative muscles, imagining what is not there. The brand uses wool as a primary material, but also incorporates other natural fibers. All of their raw materials are upcycled natural scraps from the fashion industry. And the stuffing you ask –pure carded wool from Brunswick, Canada.

Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz own Brooklyn toy store Norman and Jules, which carries handcrafted toys and imaginative decor that encourages children to explore and develop through creative play. With Norman & Jules, Courtney and Avi are committed to providing parents and children with options that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are carefully crafted from sustainable materials.