Teddi Mellencamp announced last night via Instagram that her 4-month-old daughter, Dove, will undergo neurosurgery later this month to fix a cranial condition called Lambdoid Craniosynostosis.

As one of rarest types of craniosynostosis, according to the CDC, this condition causes the lambdoid suture that runs along the back of the head to fuse before birth. This causes the baby’s head to be flattened on the backside and have a misshapen appearance.

In her heartbreaking post, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared, “Dealing with anxiety, especially when in the ‘public eye,’ isn’t easy; and going into July it’s at an all-time high. I was torn as to whether I should share this information, but as someone who tries to be as transparent as possible, and knowing I have a platform to reach others in similar situations, I would like to update you all.”

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However, Mellencamp said they are staying faithful that Dove will be okay due to her team of amazing doctors and surgeons who caught the condition early and the high success rate of the surgery. She added the recovery will be a week in the hospital and a few weeks at home.

Mellencamp asked for prayers for baby Dove and any additional insight and support from anyone who has had a child go through the same surgery. Mamas everywhere are flooding her comments section with messages of support, and we’re so glad because that’s what this mama needs right now.