Maris Stroller from GB.

On-the-go parents need a lot from their strollers. We expect them to hold our babies, our groceries and if we're lucky our lattes and cell phones. You did your research and purchased the stroller that best suits your family and your lifestyle, but wouldn't it be great if your stroller had all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of? We've done the hard work for you, tracking down the most important – and most helpful – stroller accessories urban parents could need. Here are 12 of our absolute favorite stroller accessories, designed to fit on any stroller. 1. BUGABOO SMARTPHONE HOLDER We've all been there: trying to navigate a stroller one-handed while scrolling through our insta-feed. No more! Bugaboo has just released the ultimate modern mama stroller accessory: a smartphone holder. It attaches to the handlebar of any stroller and rests on a rotating ball joint, so you can adjust your phone to any angle. Perfect for casual walks to the park or for your jogger! $34.95, buy here. 2. JJ COLE URBAN BUNDLEME The Urban BundleMe is a must for cold weather babies, letting you leave the blankets at home. The infant version fits into any stroller and jogger and has been tested (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 -- FMVSS213 crash test) to fit onto a five-point harness car seat, allowing the straps to be snuggly around your baby -- a major score in keeping your baby warm, since we know wearing a coat in a carseat is a big no-no. The Urban comes in seven colors of quilted nylon, which protect against wind and rain, while the interior fabric is plush and super soft, giving your baby an extra snuggle for the ride. If the weather warrants extra warmth, the Down is heavier and comes with an attached bag to store when not in use. $49.95, buy here. 3. MUNHCKIN DRINK POD Why don't strollers come with a cup holder? We have babies, we need caffeine! Munchkin to the rescue, with their universal Drink Pod. A stretchy, rubber strap tightly connects it to your stroller's handlebar. The Drink Pod fits a grande cup from Starbucks and automatically keeps your drink leveled, so no spilling. It's top-rack dishwasher safe, and provides that extra hand all of us stroller pushers have been praying for! $12, buy here. 4. 7 A.M. ENFANT POLAR WARMMUFFS Stroller pushers need to stay warm, too! We are huge fans of the WarMMuffs. The super soft faux-fur lining keeps your hands warm, and the water repellent outer shell keeps them dry. Best part: they attach to the handlebars of the stroller and are easy to slip in and out of so you can tend to your little one. You can adjust the size to fit small or large hands and have large enough cuffs to fit your coat sleeves. Plus, they're machine washable! $44, buy here. 5. SKIP HOP EXPLORE AND MORE TOY BAR Keeping your little one entertained in the stroller can be difficult. Skip Hop's Explore and More Toy Bar does just that, and the best part: you won't have to bend down and pick it up a million times. The Toy Bar attaches with Velcro to the bumper bar on your baby's stroller so it won't fall or get knocked off. There's a mirror to spin, buttons to push and songs to play (and, mama, an off button for when you've heard enough). $16, buy here. 6. BLOOM UNIVERSAL SNUG Bloom's universal snug insert is a must have for the first year. It fits into most strollers, giving your bundle of joy a little extra comfort. In addition to being super soft and machine washable, the snug gives your newborn the head support she really needs. The newborn headrest insert is removable to allow the snug to grow with your baby. $40, buy here. 7. JUJUBE'S BE CONNECTED Jujube's Be Connected stroller clips are a lifesaver for keeping your diaper bag handy! Because not all diaper bags are designed to fit onto your stroller's handlebar, Jujube's clips make it happen. The Be Connected clips attach to your stroller's handlebars using high quality metal hardware (in gold, silver or black!) and then securely hang your diaper bag from the handlebar. They're stylish and easy to use. $25-30, buy here. 8. THE MOMMY HOOK Who wants to push a stroller AND carry shopping bags? That's right, no one. And now we don't have to, because The Mommy Hook does it for us. This large, carabineer-style hook fits on your stroller's handlebar and holds up to 50 pounds. It's equipped with a foam grip to keep it from sliding around or from scratching your stroller. Score. $9.99, buy here. 9. MUNCHKIN STROLLER ORGANIZER PLUS The Stroller Organizer Plus attaches to your stroller with two Velcro straps. It comes with an insulated space for two drinks, easily accessible wipes for on-the-go messes and a touch-sensitive clear plastic case to slide your phone into. The fabric is water resistant, and there's even a fold down pocket on the back for extra storage. $23, buy here. 10. PETUNIA PICKLEBOTTOM BOTTLE BUTLER Keeping cold things cold and warm things warm! Petunia Picklebottom's Bottle Butler can hold one large bottle, two small sippy cups or a variety of little refrigerated snacks – but we won't tell if you use it for yourself. The patterns are super cute and match many of the brand's popular diaper bags! The Bottle Butler attaches to a diaper bag or purse with a little metal clip for easy carrying, is machine washable and BPA free. $22, buy here. 11. LASCAL BUGGYBOARD MAXI+ Because sometimes our bigger kids get tired. The Buggyboard Maxi+ allows them to be “big kids" by not riding in the stroller, but helps when they're just too tired to take another step! You don't need tools, and instillation takes less than five minutes. With the Maxi+, your little can stand on the platform or sit on the fold down saddle. Built-in suspension makes for a smooth ride over even the bumpiest of sidewalks, and a helpful handlebar strap holds the whole system up when it's not in use. The Maxi+ is for children 2 to 5-years-old and up to 55 pounds. $189.95, buy here. 12. GB LIGHT UMBRELLA We all know you still need to lather your face with sunscreen during the winter months. Well, baby needs a little protection too. Installed with just one click, this light umbrella from gb is perfect to keep your little one safe from direct sunlight. It has a UVP50+ sun protection and, once attached to the frame, it can swivel to suit the sun's position. $49.99, buy here.