As we near the end of Pisces season, we turn to the season of Aries, which ranges from March 21 and April 19. A fire sign, Aries are confident, courageous, and thrive in areas of leadership as well as in individual challenges whether that be professionally as an athlete, for example, or in other aspects like problem-solving.

While Aries are known for being well-organized and the life of the party, they can also be moody and short-tempered. However, this is typically the result of their deep passion and optimism towards someone or something. In a way, it's their unconventional way of showing how much they care.

Ahead, take a look at our full line-up of Aries-inspired baby names, including celebrity Aries. You may also like our list of spring baby names!

Names inspired by Aries traits

Warrick, Trudy, Harvey, Zane, Gertrude, Pilar and Ezekiel are all baby names resembling strength and power, which corresponds with being courageous, a common trait among Aries.

Aries are also known for being extremely optimistic. How about a name that means happiness and positivity like Jubilee, Tate or Felicity?


Ember, Keahi, Seraphina, Surya, and Calida are all baby girl names that mean fire. For your baby boy, consider these fire-inspired names: Aiden, Pele, Branton, Sampson, and Flint. If none of these sound particularly interesting, we have 90 more baby names that mean fire right here.

Celebrity Aries

If your child grows up to have a career in Hollywood, they'll be in good zodiac company. Fellow Aries actors and actresses include Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightly, Mandy Moore, Saoirse Ronan, Heath Ledger, and Randall Park, to name a few.

Encourage your Aries baby to own the stage like Elton John, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Reba McEntire, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, or Pharrell.

Notable athletes in the sports world include Peyton Manning, Kyrie Irving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Danica Patrick.

Other well respected historical figures are Cesar Chavez, who was a Mexican-American civil rights and labor activist, and American poet and activist Maya Angelou.