55+ happy baby names for your little bundle of joy

These cute baby names will always bring a smile to your face.

Baby names that mean happy

Congratulations are in order! You are welcoming a new addition into the family, which means it's time to shop around for baby names. When it comes to choosing a name for your precious bebé, we know it can be a little (okay, very) overwhelming. Have you thought about naming them after someone special? Or perhaps a name that has a relation to their zodiac sign? Maybe you're leaning towards something a little more vintage and classic.

Whatever you have in mind, — even if you're staring at a baby name blank canvas — your baby's name should be a name that makes you smile, that you're happy to call out when it's time to come down for dinner or cheer on at a sports game. This is a joyful time in your life, so why not select a name that embodies that very feeling?

From Lettie to Ancel and Beatrix to Winston, check out our full list of happy-inspired baby names!

    1. Aida
    2. Alaia
    3. Alanna
    4. Alisa
    5. Anabella
    6. Ancel
    7. Anschel
    8. Asher
    9. Beatrice
    10. Beatrix
    11. Behati
    12. Bliss
    13. Blythe
    14. Bonnie
    15. Carol
    16. Cayo
    17. Eden
    18. Edith
    19. Edwyn
    20. Farah
    21. Felicity
    22. Felix
    23. Freyda
    24. Gale
    25. Gil
    26. Gwyneth
    27. Hilary
    28. Isaac
    29. Jovie
    30. Joy
    31. Joyce
    32. Jubilee
    33. Keiko
    34. Keyes
    35. Kiki
    36. Leda
    37. Leta
    38. Letitia
    39. Letti
    40. Llaria
    41. Macario
    42. Maeve
    43. Makenna
    44. Nara
    45. Noemi
    46. Onni
    47. Preeda
    48. Rena
    49. Ron
    50. Sunny
    51. Tate
    52. Trixie
    53. Winston
    54. Xiamara
    55. Yuki
    56. Zorion

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