Holiday season is kicking off with a bang because it’s also the official start of Scorpio season. Those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign (between October 23 and November 21) are described as resourceful, powerful, brave, passionate and fearless. A water sign, Scorpios are very emotional beings, who often lead with their heart first. That being said, they make the most loyal friends and will take your secrets to the grave.

Scorpios tarot card is Death, but don’t go too dark: while death is typically associated with fear and sadness, that is not the case in Scorpio’s tarot card. In this instance, Death means cyclic, rebirth and new beginnings. Scorpios thrive in new challenges and new adventures, and are able to clearly define when it’s time to close the door on one chapter to begin another. It’s actually a beautiful gift and tarot card to have.

Looking to Astrology can be a helpful way to choose a baby name. Check out these Scorpio girl names and Scorpio boy names for your little one.

75 Scorpio baby names for your little water sign baby

Scorpio names inspired by water

1. Beckham

English origin meaning “homestead by the stream.”

2. Cordelia

Celtic for “daughter of the sea.”

3. Doris

Greek for “gift of the ocean.”

4. Douglas

Scottish for “black water.”

5. Kai

Hawaiian for “sea.”

6. Malik

Arabic origin meaning “king” or “wave.”

7. Maren

Latin for “sea.”

8. Morwenna

Welsh origin meaning “maiden.”

9. Ocean

This one speaks for itself.

10. Ondine

Latin for “little wave.”

11. Rain

Nature-inspired name.

12. Remington

English origin meaning “place on a riverbank.”

13. Ren

Japanese for “water lily.”

14. Rio

Spanish for “river.”

15. Talia

Hebrew origin meaning “gentle dew from heaven” or “by the water.”

16. Wade

English origin meaning “at the river crossing.”

Scorpio names inspired by Scorpio’s color, red

17. Adam

Hebrew for “son of the red earth.”

18. Blaze

English name referencing “fire.”

19. Flanagan

Irish for “red. ruddy.”

20. Flynn

irish for “descendant of the red-haired one.”

21. Omaira

Arabic for “long life” and “red.”

22. Phoenix

Greek for “dark red.”

23. Poppy

Latin origin meaning “red flower.”

24. Reading

English origin meaning “son of the red-haired.”

25. Roisin

Irish for “little rose.”

26. Rose

Nature-inspired name.

27. Rowan

Scottish and Irish for “little redhead.”

28. Ruby

Gemstone name and Latin for “deep red precious stone.”

29. Scarlett

English origin name meaning “red.”

Scorpio names inspired by celebrity Scorpios

30. Anne (Hathaway)

31. Ciara

32. Drake

33. Gabrielle (Union)

34. Janel (Parrish)

35. Joaquin (Phoenix)

36. Joe (Biden)

37. Karamo (Brown)

38. Katy (Perry)

39. Kevin (Jonas)

40. Leonardo (DiCaprio)

41. Penn (Badgley)

42. Ryan (Reynolds)

43. Stanley (Tucci)

44. Tracee (Ellis Ross)

45. Whoopi (Goldberg)

46. Willow (Smith)

47. Winona (Ryder)

Scorpio names inspired by Scorpio traits, brave and powerful

48. Althea

Greek for “with healing power.”

49. Archie

German origin meaning “truly brave.”

50. Griffith

Welsh for “strong lord.”

51. Montgomery

Norman for “man power.”

52. Oswald

English for “divine power.”

53. Pilar

Spanish for “pillar.”

54. Reginald

English for “counsel power.”

55. Valencia

Spanish origin meaning “brave, strong.”

56. Warrick

English origin meaning “strong leader who defends.”

Scorpio names inspired by Scorpio traits, passionate

57. Lennan

Irish for “sweetheart, lover.”

58. Lev

Russian origin meaning “heart” or “lion.”

59. Love

English word name.

60. Milos

Slavic name meaning “lover of glory.”

61. Nayeli

Zapotec origin meaning “I love you.”

62. Rasmus

Finnish origin meaning “beloved, desired.”

Scorpio names inspired by Scorpio’s tarot card, Death

63. Ace

Latin origin meaning “one, unity.”

64. Alula

Arabic for “first leap.”

65. Aurora

Latin for “dawn.”

66. Hope

Virtue-inspired name.

67. Ichiro

Japanese for “firstborn son.”

68. Kazuo

Japanese origin meaning “first son” or “harmonious man.”

69. Newport

English city-inspired name.

70. Nova

Latin for “new.”

71. Novak

Serbian for “new.”

72. Primrose

Flower name.

73. Signe

Scandinavian for “new victory.”

74. Xavier

Basque for “new house.”

75. Zora

African origin meaning “dawn.”

A version of this post was published September 23, 2021. It has been updated.