Thoughts of getting dressed while pregnant can feel daunting. A changing shape, a changing comfort level, and a changing budget can definitely impact the experience. But it doesn’t have to feel stressful, and there are tools to pregnancy style that will not only save you a headache but save you a buck too. While many maternity brands are designed to carry you through the three trimesters and beyond, strategic shopping in the non-maternity brand aisle may even give you that much more return. Here are five tips to keep in mind while making it all happen…

1. Opt for flexible fabrics. Shop for pieces with give in the fabric so these items can expand and retract as your belly grows and shrinks post baby. We are loving this classic cashmere turtleneck dress from Rag & Bone and this wear-with-everything ribbed jersey maxi dress from H&M.

2. Don’t forget some extra length. As your belly grows, your tops will inevitably creep up. So if you want to buy non-maternity tops during pregnancy, be sure to buy pieces with extra length. We are loving this on-trend choker sweater from Glamorous and off-the-shoulder stretch sweater from Leo & Sage both with enough room to accommodate your belly.

3. Make sure there’s room for your belly. A key thing to remember while buying non-maternity clothes during pregnancy is that you will need space for your belly to grow. So seek items without defined seams in the mid-section that remain flexible throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Try this super cozy jumpsuit or this cozy pullover sweater, both from Free People.

4. Up your layering game. It’s true that you may gain weight outside the belly zone (hi boobs, butt and thighs!), but second layers like blazers + cardigans should fit you throughout the journey and beyond. We like this oversize wool cardigan from Zara and this boyfriend fit blazer from Banana Republic.

5. Get ’em, dresses. Nothing says easy pregnancy style like a go-to capsule of dresses. Fortunately, modern silhouettes include oversize shapes and more billowy fits that will stand the test of time as your body changes through every seasons of life. We are loving this neutral striped maxi dress and red jacquard ruffled dress both from Anthropologie.

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