I've been a runner my whole life and, as a new mom, have been itching to get out there and run with my little guy. So of course, I quickly started to hunt for the perfect running stroller. But what kind should I get? One that I could also use as my main stroller? Or one that would allow me to focus on performance? After all, I'm gearing up to run the New York City Marathon in November. To figure out which stroller would work best for me, I tested seven jogging strollers that are all also stylish enough to be your everyday city pram. The criteria I focused on were: how easy they are to get out of the box and onto the street, how they fold up, and how they perform on either bumpy Brooklyn sidewalks or on smooth paved paths, where I could really get cranking. Though I admittedly tested running strollers for selfish reasons, I hope that this guide will be helpful to all mamas and papas out there who want to stay in shape with their little ones in tow. So without further ado, here it is: 7 running strollers put to the test by a lifetime, long-distance runner. 1. Bumbleride Speed. This jogger is elegantly designed with a plush and comfortable seat for the child, a zippered pocket in the sun canopy, and a bumper bar to which you can attach a million toys. It also comes with a pump and a bike bell which is great when you are trying to run in busy urban environments. It is definitely chic and light enough to double as your main stroller. The assembly requires tools and takes a while but will be well worth it once you take it out on the street. $549, buy here. 2. Joovy Zoom 360. The Joovy Zoom 360 comes with a rain cover, a parent organizer for your phone and cup holder, and has a light frame and fabric. Extra pockets next to your child's seat can hold bottles and snacks, and the big storage basket allows for a small grocery run on your way home from an actual run. The brake pedal is smooth and quiet and will not wake your baby from a nap when you stop at a traffic light. Folding it up takes some getting used to, but the stroller auto-locks and stays in place when collapsed. $219, buy here. 3. Mountain Buggy Terrain. This off road gem doesn't come with one set of wheels, but two, which you can change depending on what surface you want to run on. Kids sit super high in it, and it has adjustable straps to allow younger or smaller children to be buckled in safely. It has a bumper bar and and will allow for your baby to be reclined almost flat. But since it is very sturdy, your child is still in for a smooth ride, even on uneven surfaces. In comparison to some of the other joggers, it is on the heavier side though. $499, buy here. 4. Bugaboo Runner. A performance machine, this jogger is one of the lightest and fastest that I tested -- it's almost as if it pulled you. A big plus is the hand brake that can slow your run with the lightest touch and the seat that can be clipped in front or rear facing. As part of its range of accessories this stroller allows for an iPhone holder to be clipped on and, if needed, to entertain your child while you run. If bought independently this jogger is on the pricier side, but if you already own a Bugaboo system you can simply click your seat into the running chassis and get, well, running. $815, buy here. 5. Phil& Ted's Sport. This Kiwi jogger, which was named 2017's best jogging stroller by The Bump, has some tongue-in-cheek features that make urban life much easier. Like the auto-stop hand brake that activates when you let go, the narrow frame, the double-stroller feature that allows kids to sit on top of one another instead of side-by-side, and a kid's seat that transforms into a bassinet when reclined. While it is not a jogger focused on performance, it will allow for light running on smooth surfaces. $499, buy here. 6. Bob Revolution Pro. Bob's strollers are known for their range from weekend warrior to Ironman athlete running, and this stroller is definitely for the performance-minded runner. It comes as a single or double stroller and has a hand brake and an extra large UPF 50+ sun canopy. The new Bob Revolution Pro allows you to recline your baby with one hand. Since it's so focused on performance, it isn't has fashionable as some of the other strollers, but the all-black frame does make it sleek. Note that it's a very popular choice among running dads. $499, buy here. 7. Thule Urban Glide. Known for its hashtag #bringyourkids, Thule has added a stroller to their range of outdoor activity gear. The Thule is among the lightest joggers and is super easy to assemble out of the box -- all you need to do is click on the wheels. It has a water resistant covered storage basket and an adjustable handlebar that can accommodate even the tallest runners. It's the easiest stroller to collapse, with just one hand. Note that if you want accessories, like a pump, you will have to buy them separately. $399, buy here. SaveSaveSaveSave Shop the post: