This mama life comes with its fair share of challenges. (Okay, maybe more than its fair share.) And especially in the first year, when everything is so new, it would be a huge help if someone could swoop in and solve a few of those dilemmas for you. Well, we're happy to say, “We got you, mama!" Here are eleven products that will get you back to feeling like a #momboss.

1. For the “more food is on the floor than the plate" moments: SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair

Introducing your baby to solid foods is exciting, but it can also be messy. We love the SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair because it cleans in a snap (meaning you're out of the kitchen and back to playing with your little one in no time). The soft, padded seats wipe clean in seconds, and the tray can be removed with one hand and popped in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Let the purees commence!

Pro tip: The Trio 3-in-1 is the only high chair your child will ever needs because it converts from a full high chair to a booster seat to a toddler chair.


2. For the “please sleep, please sleep, please sleep" moments: FoldAway Rocking Wood Bassinet

Pros of those first few sleepless months: You learn you can do just about anything on minimal sleep. Cons: Just about everything else. But to help make those moments easier (and to encourage more trips to dreamland), we love the FoldAway Rocking Wood Bassinet. Its simple, portable design folds down easily to save space and help you be ready for nap time at a moment's notice. The legs also adjust to rock for easy soothing or to leave stationary for sleeping.

Pro tip: The comfort pad is machine washable for easy cleanup after any diaper leaks.


3. For the “it has been four days since I've showered" moments: Smart and Simple Playard

Turns out those tiny little people we bring into our homes don't understand the concept of “time to ourselves." So when you really need a break, create a safe space for your baby within your eye line so you can get a minute to shower or drink a cup of coffee. We love the Smart and Simple Playard because it's the perfect place for rest, changing, and play. The OneLessStep™ feature provides easy folding and transport, and almost every part can be easily removed and cleaned in your washing machine.

Pro tip: Use the convenient side storage pockets to store diapers, wipes, and toys so everything is within reach.


4. For those “sorry, we don't have high chairs" moments: Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

It's a woe for every new parent: You've finally geared yourself up for a meal out with your baby...only to be thwarted by a restaurant that doesn't have child seats. No, you shouldn't head home! Just come prepared with one of your own. We love the Baby Base 2-in-1 seat because it's compact enough to keep in the trunk of your car and safely attaches to a dining chair for meals anywhere. The foam insert provides extra cushioning for smaller babies and can be removed as your child grows for years of use.

Pro tip: The removable tray stores under the seat so it's less likely to get lost in transport.


5. For the “so this is sleep regression" moments: Ok To Wake Clock

It's an age-old story: Your baby had just started to sleep through the night, when suddenly they start calling for you at 5 a.m. again. Don't despair, mamas! We love the Ok to Wake Clock from Patch Products LLC to get their circadian rhythms back on track. The simple clock boasts a friendly alien face that lights up at a time designated by you each morning. All you have to do is teach your child that a dark clock means it's not time to get up yet, but a lit-up clock means they can call for you.

Pro tip: It can take about a week to get younger children on a new schedule, but stick with it! Soon your child will love calling you to see their “woken up" clock each morning.


6. For the “mom brain is real" moments: Motherly mama meditations

It's common for new mamas to feel frazzled or like they can't get a handle on things, but we know you've got this! To help you get back to feeling like yourself, we created the Motherly meditation guide for new mamas. Our series of videos are great to play at the start or end of the day, or even for a minute mid-afternoon (especially after a particularly stressful tantrum).

Pro tip: Schedule a few minutes every day to listen to a meditation , refocus, and remember that you are doing an amazing job, mama!


7. For the “this conference call is definitely happening" moments: Solly Baby Wrap

When you're a work-at-home mom with a new baby, getting anything done can feel like a challenge. Our secret to checking off our to-do list with a newborn? Babywearing. We love the Solly Baby Wrap for soothing fussy babies and keeping our hands free to prep dinner, send emails, and even pick up around the house. The lightweight design is made from buttery soft sustainable fabric that keeps your baby close without slowing you down.

Pro tip: Use the handy self-enclosing pocket at the end of the wrap to store between snuggle sessions.


8. For the “this baby is never going to latch!" moments: Boppy 2-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow

When you're new to breastfeeding, it can feel like a failure if everything doesn't go smoothly. Don't give up, mama! For those times when it seems like your little one just isn't getting it, we love using a breastfeeding pillow that can give you both a boost, like the Boppy 2-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow. The innovative design has a soft side for supporting baby and a firmer side to provide more support, plus an adjustable belt to keep everyone close.

Pro tip: Don't always breastfeed in the same area of your home? Consider registering for two pillows, one to keep in the baby's nursery and the other to keep in the living room so meal time can happen whenever you're ready.


9. For the “I don't have time to go to the gym" moments: Daily Burn Subscription

We get it: You want to lose some baby weight, but the idea of putting on yoga pants and driving to the gym is more than you can handle right now. Skip the commute and work out in the comfort of your living room with a subscription to the Daily Burn. With more than 600 videos to stream, ranging from cardio burnouts to gentle prenatal yoga lessons, Daily Burn will let you work up a sweat—on your own terms. Each video comes with great instruction, clear up-front expectations for intensity and challenges to keep you motivated. Plus, there's a free 30-day trial!

Pro tip: After filling out the questionnaire to get your customized workout plan, don't be afraid to peek around at the other classes. The 15-minute-or-less options are especially great for nap time!


10. For the “my errand list is as long as my arm" moments: Snap-N-Go Stroller

Those first few outing with baby can be intimidating...and tiring — mamas have a lot to carry! For checking off a day's worth of errands, we love the Snap-N-Go stroller, a universal infant car seat carrier frame. Simply take your child's car seat from the car and pop it into this lightweight travel system for a simplified walk from the parking lot to the store. When not in use, fold it flat. The whole thing is less than 18 pounds!

Pro tip: The roomy undercarriage is great for storing purchases or baby necessities on the go.


11. For the “real clothes are so not happening" moments: Blanqui Post Partum Leggings

We're calling it: Black leggings are the uniform of new moms everywhere. And when they're as sleep and genius as this Blanqui pair, they can take you from home to the gym to lunch dates with pals. Blanqui's Post Partum High Waist Leggings feature a seamless, comfortable design with a smoothing high waistband perfect for pulling in newly vacated bellies. You'll probably never want to take them off — and we couldn't agree with you more.

Pro tip: Not sure of your size? Small fits sizes 2-6, medium fits sizes 8-10, large fits sizes 12-14, and extra large fits sizes 14-18.


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