Sometimes it feels like the whole “making your own baby food” thing is something only a supermom can do. But, the thing is, all it takes to be a supermom is a really great sidekick.

That’s why we can’t get enough of Raised Real, a company that provides organically-sourced, prepped, and pre-portioned ingredients you can prepare for your baby delivered to your home bi-weekly.

They even throw in a free all-in-one steaming + blending machine to get it done. ? Now that’s pretty super.

Here are five reasons we know you’ll love them too ?

1. They deliver frozen, organically-sourced meals — to your doorstep.

Yes, that does mean one less thing on your to-do list. Yes, this is the sound of angels singing.

2. Homemade baby food is just a steam + blend away.

Forget washing, peeling, chopping, and measuring. Raised Real has done the work for you, so all you have to do is steam and blend to serve a wholesome, organically-sourced meal to your little one.

3. It doesn’t blend any better than this.

First solids? Use the Raised Real machine to blend their tasty mixes into the perfect puree. Baby starting to sprout teeth? Blend less for a chunkier texture. Self-feeding? Simply steam the ingredients and serve as finger food. The power is at your fingertips, mama. Rvrooooom.

4. Clean up is a breeze.

You only have one thing to wash. ONE. We’ll wait while you finish your happy dance.

5. Also, true story, our little ones love their meals.

Toddlers don’t exactly “appreciate” that the amazing meal you made them is organically-sourced. (Sidenote, it totally is.) What do they want out of a meal? They want it to be yum. And Raised Real delivers that (plus a dietician-approved menu) in spades.

Sponsored by Raised Real. Review + Opinions are all Motherlys.