Pregnancy has a funny way of making you aware of (aka obsessed with) things you never really thought twice about before having a tiny human growing inside of you. Take your indoor air quality, for instance. Sure, you know those friends who have spent an arm and a leg on air purifiers, but do you know why? Because bad indoor air quality can cause anything from allergies to a rough night's sleep to potential health hazards like heart disease and cancer. That's why we are partnering with our friends at Awair to give away their air quality monitor.

Understanding indoor air quality is key to improving the air that you breathe in at home. For example, air must keep circulating to eliminate any chemical traces or CO2 that can otherwise build up easily in your home. The Awair+, which tracks toxins and chemicals in the air, has opened our eyes and made us adopt new habits, like opening windows on a regular basis and adding a humidifier to our home.

Awair+ gives you the option to set your air monitor to specific rooms, to focus on specific areas of health and to optimize the air quality for that particular situation, tracking temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals and dust. It gathers all this information to give you a grade of Good, Fair or Poor. But Awair+ doesn't just monitors air quality. It provides you with tips to fight against indoor pollutants and other factors that may alter your home environment for the worse, like dust and low humidity. It basically teaches you how to make your home healthier in one easy-to-set-up app, which (we feel the need to add) is very addictive! Plus, the air monitor doubles as a clock and, with it's minimalist look, will fit right in -- even the chicest of decors.

If you want to win an Awair+ monitor and give your family a safer and healthier home, here's your chance. Enter below!