I recently came across a Birthie Stick gag gift box while aimlessly Internet searching, as one does late at night, and for a second (or maybe more), I thought, "This can't be real... can it?" In our selfie-obsessed culture , where things don't really happen unless you put them on the 'gram, I honestly had to stop and think about this for a moment.

Covered in positive reviews, the Birthie Stick claims to "turn a precious moment into a viral sensation" while "friends, family and followers enjoy a close-up perspective of your baby's emergence from the womb." Hilarious! Because inviting anyone you've ever known (plus your social media followers) is just who you want having a front row seat during your childbirth , right?

Well, thankfully the Birthie Stick gift box is NOT real. It's a gag gift box, and it's the perfect way to package your baby shower gift. Simply take the box and put your ACTUAL gift inside. While you may raise a few eyebrows, you will most definitely make everyone laugh.

But the fact that I had to do a double-take when I saw this product says something rather alarming about our culture, I think. And as it turns out, the Prank-O gag gift box company has a few more tricks up their sleeve. Actually, a couple of them aren't terrible ideas!

The next time you have to send a baby shower gift , these gag gift boxes would make a hilarious way to package your gift.

Baby Shield "Less Mess, More Love"


Now you can "experience all the joy and fulfillment of parenthood without all the mess". Ha! While I have to admit this is a tempting idea in theory, it's obviously completely ridiculous. Love that the gag box comes with "laboratory grade gloves"―now those might actually come in handy!

Baby's First Diaper Keepsake Frame


While totally disgusting, I can actually see how a new parent who wants to save all those "firsts" might find this particularly hilarious.

Magnetic Snack Hat


Okay, this is actually a pretty good idea if you ask me! We all know kids are snacking all the time... why not put dad's head to good use? The perfect gift box for a present for dad , if you ask me.

Crib Dribbler


Just like a pet in its cage, now you can feed baby without ever leaving his crib! This is so ridiculous. My favorite part is the list of beverages you can put in the "dribbler". We all know babies love stew, cocoa and energy drinks. Ha!

My First Fire


I mean, does a better toy for toddlers exist? Sure, let them play with fire! So funny, especially that the packaging shows a roaring fire and the fact that it comes with a poker, fuel can and fire ring. All perfect gifts for toddlers , of course!


Kids' Ankle Anchors


Well, we all know toddlers like to wander off and explore their surroundings. So, ankle weights to the rescue! Not only will they get some resistance training (just what toddlers need) but now they won't be able to run away so fast.