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19 adorable holiday gifts for newborns 😍

When it comes to giving gifts for newborns, it can be tough to find the perfect present. After all, your littlest love can't create their own wishlist. I'll be honest and say that some of these are mostly for parents of newborns because they make life with a tiny one much easier, but others are legit products that my kid was obsessed with when he was a tiny peanut.

Get ready to shop all these adorable gifts for newborns:

Adorable crib sheets from Rookie Humans

Rookie Humans 100% Cotton Sateen Fitted Crib Sheet: The Moon\u2019s Birthday. Modern Nursery, Use as a Photo Background for Your Baby Pictures. Standard Crib Size (52 x 28 inches) (Standard Cotton Sateen)

These sheets will surely bring about sweet dreams. They come in different settings and believe me when I tell you your little baby will look adorable snoozing next to such beautiful designs. These are game-changing for all those newborn pics you're gonna be posting on Instagram.


A chic sleep gown 

The best organic sleeper for diaper changes complete with built-in mitts, one-snap foot pocket, and SUPER soft, breathable fabric.

These Goumi Kids sleep gowns are super stylish in solid and neutral colors. Gowns are ideal for newborns because there will be a lot of diaper changing happening in the middle of the night, and these allow you to keep baby's feet covered while having easy access to their diaper. They are *super soft* and made of a breathable fabric.


Cashmere hat + mittens 

Cashmere Baby Beanie & Mitts Set

If you want to give a luxe gift, these Jack & Mary cashmere hat and mittens are extra extra soft and so adorable. They are made in Maine with tons of love, which shows in the final product and packaging.


A ring sling to carry baby around 

Moby Ring Sling

Babywearing is excellent for so many reasons: bonding with mama or dad, keeping your hands free and making sure that baby's staying nice and cozy. These wraps are designed for babies that are eight pounds or heavier.


Newborn pacifiers 

Newborn Pacifier

One of the first soothing reflexes newborns have is sucking, so if your baby is into their hands, bibs or your knuckles, these pacifiers might help. They are designed to support baby's breathing and allow for proper tongue placement.


These adorable animal friends

Pop up Activity Toy

This colorful toy is good for little ones to start discovering their motor skills and also play peek-a-boo with the cute animals. My son has had it since birth and the way he interacts with the toy changes as he grows older (it's so fascinating to see).


A carseat cocoon for cold weather

7 A.M. Enfant Car Seat Cocoon (Black Polar)

This carseat cocoon will keep your little tiny one super comfortable during the coldest months of the year without interfering with the safety of their car seat. The cocoon is placed over the car seat and can even be used when clicked onto a stroller. Bonus: They come in several different stylish colors. 🙌


Fun flash cards 

Educational Flash Cards

I didn't even know these existed until my neighbor gifted me hers! They help support baby's eye development as they start to discern between the white and black colors, and it's also super fun for them to explore new images. My son, even though he is way into toddlerhood now, still loves to play with his flashcards and name the animals.


A playmat to keep them busy

The Play Gym by Lovevery

This play gym is versatile as it's built for babies to grow with it. Initially it's great for putting your newborn down in a safe space, but then it can turn into the best tummy time mat ever. As they sit up on their own they love playing with the different toys. Plus, the beautiful design means you won't mind it having a permanent place in your living room.


Cable knit stroller set

cable knit baby set

Keep baby bundled up in this high-quality, 100% organic cotton set from Boll & Branch. The blanket, baby hat and mittens are the perfect items to pass along in the family for years to come!


A baby journal 

Baby Journal

What better gift to leave your children than the raw and real memories from when they were tiny? These journals go from birth until 5 years old and invite parents to share the big and little moments of every day life with children.


Really stylish onesies 

Essential Organic Onesie \u2013Sloth

The prints of the Apple Park onesies are almost too cute to handle. Honestly, I kind of want all of them in my size. They make several products with the same print so you can have your little one rocking a head to toe matching outfit.


A sloth friend

Playground Pals Plush - Sloth

This sloth is not only adorable, but also organic and super soft. Your little one can hang out with their new friend on their play mat or keep it in their stroller as they take the whole world in.


Silicone baby teethers

silicone baby teethers

There are so many things we love about this set of teethers. It comes with six different fruit shapes and is the perfect size for your newborn's tiny hands. They're made with a gentle, but sturdy, food-grade silicone that offer baby relief when they're cutting their teeth and they're dishwasher safe. Win win win.


A booster seat that grows with baby 

booster seat

You'll be using this one for a while mama. At first, it's a good place to put baby as they learn to sit up by themselves and keep them entertained with a bunch of activities on it. As they grow, you can turn the seat into a dining booster seat for your little one to join you at the table. Plus, it's under $50!


A super mega cozy blanket 

Ecru Knit blanket

This super high-quality blanket from max + moose is ideal to have handy wherever you go with your baby. It's perfect for them to play on while you prepare dinner for the rest of the family, or to keep their feet warm and toasty while you stroll around the park. The quality is superb, so chic and well-made.


An innovative swaddle

Zen One Nested Bean

Repeat after me: Swaddles are magic. All kidding aside, newborns love being swaddled because it reminds them of being inside the womb (that's why in hospitals they give your baby tightly wrapped like a burrito). This one will help them feel cozy and safe while also allowing them to freely move their hands inside. We love that once they are ready to go arms out, they can.


An adorable lovey

Snuggle knit lovey

Newborns shouldn't sleep with anything near them for safety reasons, but you can have this lovey around for play time or trips in the stroller while supervised. Once they are 6 months old, you can start introducing them to the lovey at nap times and bedtime. But in the meantime, it's a super cute product to play peek-a-boo with.


A baby dome to take your baby on all the adventures

Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

This baby dome allows you to take your baby wherever you go (and keep them safe). The side mesh allows air to flow through to keep them comfortable, the dome itself is SPF 50 and the flat surface makes it safe for sleep. Even better, it folds up for storage. We've used it everywhere from the park to the beach to our living room to keep our dogs away from our baby.


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.

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If you're already feeling a bit of cabin fever, it's time to get outside for some fresh air, mama. Whether you've planned your days around homeschooling activities or have decided on taking a more laid-back approach, there's always one thing that everyone in the family can agree on: playing outside!

From playhouses to tree swings, we've found 12 of the best outdoor toys to keep your little ones busy in the backyard during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Gardening tools

kids gardening tools

Even the smallest of gardeners need the right tools to get the job done! These wooden + metal gardening tools look (and work) just like the real thing, and are crafted from natural materials and without toxic paints or finishes. Your little one will love getting their hands dirty while also developing their motor skills.


2. Sidewalk chalk

kids washable chalk bucket

Get the kids outside to create sidewalk drawings (and positive messages for neighbors!). This giant bucket is filled with 50 washable chalk sticks, providing hours of outdoor fun.


3. Water beads

kids water beads

Simply put, water beads are just so much fun! These smooth, squishy beads create an awesome tactile experience and are prefect for sensory play in a water table or any type of small container. You can even use them to practice color recognition, sorting, counting and so much more.


4. Picnic + sensory table

picnic and sensory kids table

Sensory tables are a staple in any preschool classroom—and can be in your own home, too. They're perfect for stimulating your little one's senses and facilitating play, creativity and exploration. This beautiful table has a built-in sandpit that can hold up to 50 lbs of play sand or nearly 3 gallons of water. Plus, it doubles as a place to paint, color or draw.


5. Web swing

kids outdoor web swing

This swing will take you back to simpler times and long, warm summer days spent swinging outside. With more than 1,000 great reviews, this is a bestseller for a reason. It holds up to 600 lbs so multiple kids can hop on (even parents can join in!), and the tree straps are built to be durable.


6. Pool

mini inflatable pool

There's really not much to say here other than WE COULD NOT BE MORE OBSESSED WITH THIS POOL! Measuring 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, it's big enough for you and the kiddos (ummm or just you?) to stay cool. And have we mentioned all the fun designs? Swoon. 😍


7. Scooter

kids radio flyer scooter

Whether you're zipping through city streets or riding up and down your suburban driveway, a good scooter is a must have for outdoor fun. It's a great way for little ones to improve their balance and coordination while also having a blast!


8. Sprinkler

kids giant sprinkler

Nothing says summer like a giant inflatable cactus sprinkler in your backyard 🤣 This playful sprinkler stands almost 6 feet high and is the perfect way for kids to cool off during those hot days. (Shh, we won't tell if you want to join in on the fun, too!)


9. Jumper

kids junior jumper

If you're looking for a jumping toy but don't want a full trampoline, this jumper is the perfect solution. It's super bouncy, super safe and really fun! This one is sized perfectly for smaller jumpers, and can handle multiple kiddos at once.


10. Wheelbarrow

Radio Flyer kids wheelbarrow

If your kids are going to play outside, they might as well pitch in with the yard work 🤷🏽♀️. This classic wheelbarrow looks just like the real thing—just a lot smaller! Little ones will love filling it up, pushing it around, dumping it out, and then doing it alllll over again and again.


11. Oceanbound tide pool set

For the littlest ones, it's easy to keep it simple. Take their bath toys and use them in a new way outside. With this tide pool set, there are so many opportunities for fun sensory play, whether it's in a sandbox, a rice sensory bin or just good old fashioned dirt. We especially love that these toys are made from 100% recycled plastic and that they come in their own adorable storage bag that can also be used for play.


12. Wooden playhouse

Kids playhouse

This one is spendy for sure, but a sturdy, beautiful playhouse is an investment that will pay off in years of imaginative play for everyone from young toddlers to school-aged kiddos. This one is large enough for several children yet compact enough to work in even tiny backyard spaces. It's made from 100% cedar wood and features several large built-in windows, flower boxes, a working door + doorbell, and even a chalkboard.


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


If you had to only choose one product to toss in your bag, what would it be? Our guess is you're looking for something that's easy-to-use, affordable, clean and multi-tasks for you—something that'll simplify your routine because you have other things to worry about than what beauty product to grab (like making that Zoom meeting in time while you're working from home).

Enter: Arrow Beauty—a clean beauty brand created by Birchbox with products designed to save you time.

I had the chance to try out the entire product line and, let's just say I've made sure to toss one everywhere—in my bag, on my desk, in the bathroom. And during this pandemic, it's made getting ready (okay, looking presentable for video calls) in the mornings so much simpler.

Each product is created to be something you grab and go when you're in a rush. Everything is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and mineral oil, vegan and cruelty-free so you can still give your littles all the snuggles and kisses without stressing about transferring any bad ingredients over. And, they're designed to travel well. Birchbox made sure Arrow Beauty featured leak-proof and carry-on friendly items. Did we mention everything is under $25?

Here's what is in their first launch:

Nourishing lip oil

birchbox arrow lip oil

This one might be my favorite from the collection. A lip oil that leaves a high-shine finish that isn't sticky (!!!) and keeps your lips moisturized for hours. It comes in clear, perfect to top off your favorite shade, or color enhancing pink that reacts to the pH level of your skin, making a unique shade for you.


Radiant skin moisturizer

birchbox arrow skin moisturizer

Have no time in the morning? Massage this into your skin for the ultimate pick-me-up. It has a subtle sheen that illuminates and nourishing ingredients—hyaluronic acid and aloe—that hydrates and gives you a glow.


Color enhancing lip balm

birchbox arrow lip balm

The Birchbox team listened to customer feedback to reformulate their OG tinted balm and it's *so* good. There are three shades—berry, coral and blush—that look incredible on all skin tones because it reacts to the pH in your skin to enhance your natural color. Even better? It's buildable!


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


This is the #yearofthemother.

And this is the pregnancy book women deserve, from the experts at Motherly.

This is an unprecedented time to embark on the journey of motherhood. You are part of a new generation of women elevating empowerment in all its forms.

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, whether you're still deciding about pregnancy or already have a baby on the way, becoming mama involves your body, mind, emotions, lifestyle, relationships, schedule, spirituality, worldview—and most of all, your heart.

The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama celebrates the wonder of your new baby and honors you through this profound life transformation.Inclusive, holistic, and evidence-based, this book was made for you—a loving and supportive embrace of your unique motherhood journey in all its power, complexity and beauty.

Peek inside here!


Praise for The Motherly Guide

"Mothers around the world deserve the guidance that this book offers: unconditional support and access to expert-backed, non-judgmental information. This book is the first of its kind to support the whole woman through the whole journey from getting pregnant, to birth, postpartum, and beyond. The maternal wellness revolution has arrived." —Christy Turlington Burns, founder, Every Mother Counts

"Motherly is leading the conversation about how pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transforms a woman's world―and The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama is their greatest contribution yet. Women deserve all the support as their bodies, minds, and lives transform, and this book delivers it with so much heart."—Katrina Scott, cofounder, Tone It Up

"The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama is like having an entire birth team on your offers grace, empowerment, and support for however and wherever you find yourself on the becoming mama journey."—Anthonia Akitunde, founder and editor-in-chief, mater mea

"THE essential guide to pregnancy and birth has finally arrived. The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama is the only book you need to get you through this adventure. It's woman-centered, warm, and informative . . . it's the book I wish I would've had, and the one I'm so excited for you to have."—Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of Babylist

"This epic book is a cross between an encyclopedia and a wise aunt. In this thorough and comprehensive resource, the Motherly team offers equal doses of wisdom, love, and cold hard facts so that each new mother can develop the confidence that she desperately needs on her pregnancy and motherhood journey. A soulful and dependable guide for all women."—Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester

Pre-order your copy ofThe Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, and join us as we redefine motherhood, together.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on so many people's lives, and mamas everywhere are feeling it especially hard. The outbreak has been an especially scary time for pregnant women who worry about getting the support they need during this already challenging time.

At Motherly, nothing is more important to us than helping mamas everywhere feel supported and empowered from the very beginning of their motherhood journey. That's why we took two major steps toward helping pregnant women everywhere feel more confident right now:

First, we wrote the pregnancy + birth book you deserve.

The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama provides evidence-based, women-centered support for every stage of your journey, from trying to conceive to caring for your sweet new baby.

We wrote The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama to ensure that every person has access to high-quality, nurturing pregnancy and birth guidance. It is the pregnancy book you deserve. And we would be honored if you would consider pre-ordering it now.

You can pre-order The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama at your favorite retailer, and it will be on its way to you when it releases on April 14th:

During this difficult time, please consider ordering from Barnes and Noble or an independent bookstore as they are greatly impacted by COVID-19. (Also, please note delivery times from various outlets may vary or be delayed due to the virus.)

Second, we're making our Becoming Mama™ Online Birth Class absolutely free.

For the thousands of women who are unable to attend their birth class due to the virus, our class, taught by Diana Spalding, Motherly's Digital Education Editor, certified nurse-midwife, and writer of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, is the nurturing, empowering resource you need to have your best, most supported birth no matter what.

This class will prepare you for your birth, while the book is about the entire journey—from trying to conceive, to pregnancy wellness, birth, postpartum and caring for your sweet new baby.

More than 7000 women have joined Motherly's FREE online birth class

Pregnancy and birth are some of the biggest moments of life—it can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Going through this process during a transformative world event—a pandemic—can make it feel so daunting. We want you to know that we are here for you.

You deserve to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood with confidence and joy—and we are honored to be on this journey with you.

As founder of mater mea, Anthonia Akitunde said, The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama "is like having a whole birth team on your nightstand."Because you deserve to experience it all with confidence and joy—and we are honored to be on this journey with you.

To sign up for our free online class, please fill out this info, and we'll email you access to the class (within 24 hours) and sign you up for our newsletter.

Motherly provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found here.