As a full spectrum doula, people always ask me to recommend the best products out there as they cross to the new parent world. When I first learned about their role, I was overall naive about most (actually all ) things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and death. But after meeting an amazing doula at a prenatal yoga certification, my instincts (and probably my Brazilian ancestros yelling at me to get my life together after turning 30) drew me to the work as well. Since beginning my own practice, I've been able to share my tools and knowledge with clients, but what's more, they've shared theirs with me. The "baby market" peddles a lot of head-scratching products and things you ultimately don't need, but not today, not here friends. I've compiled a list of products I've learned of over the years and personally love to use when working with a client that is birthing a baby, healing and nursing in postpartum, as well as other necessary accessories for the parents and baby.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Little martin’s baby electric nail trimmer

Little Martinu2019s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light Baby's nails are sharp enough that they can scratch themselves. Let's just face it, at some point or another you will nip your baby with a nail clipper, but let's avoid it in the first 3 months postpartum, shall we? This electric nail trimmer will avoid any tiny nips and tears that might be shed.

SNOO smart bassinet

HAPPIEST BABY SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet The most genius electric bassinet invented IMHO and worth every penny! With a built-in sound machine, velcro swaddle and rotation rocker that soothes the baby. The app connected to the SNOO allows you to track your baby's sleep pattern and control it remotely.

Baby Tracker journal for newborns

Baby Tracker for Newborns - Round-The-Clock Night and Day Schedule Log Book, Not only should your doula tell you this, but your pediatrician will too: track your baby's schedule in the first 3 months! Do not rely on your tired brain. Apps are cool, but can be glitchy and hard to share. This book allows everyone taking care of the baby to be on the same page, literally.

Bebe au lait muslin swaddles

BEBE AU LAIT Mermaid Oh-So-Soft Muslin Single Swaddle Blanket Baby's are extremely strong, but love to be swaddled. Having two different types of swaddles will come in handy. A simple velcro swaddle will help hold them super securely, and the muslin swaddles are soft, breathable and versatile.


BABYBJu00d6RN Bouncer Bliss in 3D Mesh It's ideal if you can have at least one safe place to set your baby down. The BABYBJÖRN seat is easy to set up and gives your baby the support they need by distributing and supporting their weight easily. Parents love it because it's compact, unobtrusive and long-lasting.

Dohm sound machine

Yogasleep dohm natural sound machine Sound machines create a womb-like sound that can soothe your baby, curb crying, and can help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Beware of gadgets that have too many options. This simple sound machine has exactly what you need: two adjustable volumes and an on/off button. It is easy to use in postpartum.

Kindred Bravely hands free pumping bra

Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra | Patented All-in-One Pumping & Nursing      Bra with EasyClip for F, G, H, I Cup By far the most supportive non-wire nursing bra (slightly thicker than most brands, which provides support and coverage for a large chest). For full time working parents (y'all are home anyway!) that are pumping and nursing, the versatility (and quality) of the bra allows you to be hands free without needing to change into a different garment.

Frida mom postpartum kit

Frida mom postpartum kit This kit comes with all your essential postpartum physical recovery supplies that you'll need when coming back from the hospital from a peri bottle, cooling witch hazel wipes, postpartum underwear and pads. Parents love all of their products (for baby and postpartum parent) because of how simple yet extremely efficient they are.

Earth mama perineal spray

Earth mama perineal spray Let's be real: birthing a baby is not joy ride! It (sometimes) comes with stitches and bruises in your perineum area. Perinatal sprays are soothing and ease your recovery after with the cooling spray. This organic herbal cucumber witch hazel spray is a must in the first couple of weeks of giving birth.

Earth Mama booby tubes

Earth Mama booby tubes If you haven't heard it before, I will tell you now: nursing is a journey that comes with many challenges and triumphs! You may at times require a hot or cool pad on your tender breasts/chest and this booby tube is perfect for that. The spiral shape is perfect for placing and the versatility(hot/cold) is also essential. This "flax seed filled cotton" shell will ease the discomfort felt in nursing and help ease the milk flow.

Haakaa breast pump milk saver

Haakaa breast pump milk saver This lightweight silicone hand pump is multi purpose. I recommend using it as a "let down" catcher while nursing or as a hand pump to express any extra milk after nursing. It's great to store any breast milk that was pumped and as a saline nipple soaker if your nipples are cracked.

Postpartum Doula Day time/Overnight help

The term "it takes a village" rings true when babies arrive. Having a support person that can lend a hand (either during the day or at night) without judgement while providing evidence based knowledge and experience can help you tackle parenthood with confidence.
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