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Pregnancy isn't just about creating a baby. It's an epic 40(ish) week journey of transformation that makes you a mama . And like any epic journey, you want to be prepared. As mamas who have already navigated this incredibly beautiful, sometimes challenging transition, we've rounded up the must-haves that empowered us along the way.

Here are 12 essentials that will guide you on your journey to becoming mama—and make your pregnancy that much more special.

The guide

The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama Book

Navigating pregnancy is sure to bring out the late-night Googler in you. You've got questions, concerns, worries. To offer support, education and peace of mind, The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama was created to coach and inspire you each step of the way, stress-free. It's the pregnancy guide we wish we'd had when we first became mothers—mama-centered and full of wisdom that honors every step of this profoundly life-changing journey.

The bracelet

Sontakey I Was Made For This bracelet

From morning sickness to the surge of contractions and every obstacle in between, pregnancy has an unprecedented way of challenging you. But the truth is, mama, you were made for this. Wear that gentle reminder on your wrist and let your inner voice help you power through.

The face care

Lhamour Rosehip Facial Oil

It's safe to say you might notice a few changes in your skin over these nine months—some you'll appreciate (like that glow!), some, not so much (hello, acne). It helps to have a safe, natural oil on hand to soothe, smooth and hydrate. The Rosehip Facial Oil from Lhamour is handmade of 100% natural oils and melts right in leaving a non-sticky, velvety soft finish. Rosehip also works to refine and even out skin tone, which is helpful for those less than welcome pregnancy breakouts and dark spots.

The water bottle

Welly Water bottle

Now more than ever, it's time to stay hydrated. In fact, pregnant women should drink 10 eight-ounce glasses of water every day. Make that easier on yourself by carrying a water bottle with you and sip slowly throughout the day. This style from Welly features a removable infuser so you can add a little flavor like lemon or cucumber (if you're fancy).

The pillow

Belly bandit S.O.S. Belly Pillow

When you're pregnant, finding the right position for sleep can feel like an Olympic sport. Tuck a pillow here, wedge another there, wiggle, sigh, repeat. Do yourself a favor and invest in a side-sleeping pillow designed specifically for baby bellies. The foam wedge not only provides the support you're looking for, but also promotes optimal blood flow to your uterus. Grab those z's while you can.

The wrap

Belly Bandit 2-in-1 Pregnancy Belly Support + Postpartum Hip Wrap

You're going to need a little support along this journey, mama, starting with your back and belly. As your belly grows, this elastic band comfortably lifts and supports you in all the right places. It's like the best friend you never knew you needed.

The dress

Emilia George Vivian Dress

Every woman—pregnant or not—needs something in their closet that makes them feel beautiful and confident any time they put it on. And it's hard to go wrong with an LBD. This one from maternity wardrobe master Emilia George is silky soft and features cleverly concealed nursing access so you can keep it in rotation even after your baby is born.

The jumpsuit

Oriane Stacie Jumpsuit

Sometimes picking out a shirt and pants is just too much to ask. That's why the goddesses invented jumpsuits. Pull on this tailored yet flowy number and you'll look pulled together in an instant.

The leggings

Glowe Maternity Legging

Not necessarily pregnancy-specific advice because let's face it: Leggings are a way of life. However, this pair from Glowe takes maternity leggings to the next level. They're super soft, totally breathable and give your belly the support of a maternity belt without any of the bulk. You're never going to want to wear anything else. And guess what? You don't have to.

The t-shirt

Glowe BFF T-shirt

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to creating your maternity wardrobe. You need items that are stylish but comfortable. Sophisticated but relaxed. Things you can wear while out and about but not want to yank off the minute you get home. The answer? The perfect tee shirt. This one from Glowe can be dressed up or down and has your back(side) with a little added butt coverage.

The bag

Baby Boldly Belly and Bag

You've got a LOT to think about right now, mama. Like what to name an actual real, live human being. And where exactly you're going to fit all those onesies. Save yourself the added overwhelm and leave the hospital bag packing to the experts. Created by mamas, for mamas, the pre-packed birth bag from Baby Boldly has curated everything you need for your best birth. (Including those products you didn't even know you needed.) Box, checked.

The book

Echo Art Bindery Baby Memory Book

Very soon, that little person you've been picturing is going to nest softly into the crook of your arm. You'll run your finger over their tiny, perfect nose, marvel at their itty-bitty toes and wonder how it's even possible to love someone you just met so very much. It's an incredible time, unlike any you'll ever experience. While you wait, collect the daydreams mama. This gorgeous, cloth-bound Baby Memory Book comes with a keepsake box that's perfect for storing letters and notes you might write even before you can stamp their sweet footprints inside.

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