I've always loved a good deal and I know so many of our readers do as well. This is especially true in 2020, when the (seemingly) never-ending pandemic has turned into an economic crisis. Many families have gone from two incomes to one, and many more have seen their disposable income dwindle. That doesn't mean holiday gift-giving is cancelled—but it does mean that we all need to make sure we're getting the best deal possible whatever we are purchasing.

In a recent survey, Google found that 77% of holiday shopping purchases are planned and researched beforehand, and the search term "early deals" is up 60% over previous months. That means that right now, people are researching what they are going to buy during the upcoming massive holiday sales.

Since we're all researching and shopping for deals earlier and harder than ever this year, Google Shopping has just launched a new price bar tool to help you make sure you get the absolute best deal on every product on your must-buy list.

Here's how the new Google Shopping price tracking tool works:

Google Shopping on cellphone Google

Starting today, you'll be able to know how good an online deal really is.

Retailers play around with prices a lot, and what might look like a discounted price could very well not be a deal at all. Google Shopping will compare a retailer's price to other retailers carrying the same item and show you everyone's current price, so you can choose to buy from wherever you can get the lowest price. You can also compare shipping prices as well as in-store options at local shops near you.

You can also track the prices of items you know are must-haves for your family this year. Look up that toy your toddler has been talking about nonstop, turn on the tracking option, and Google Shopping will alert you when the price drops. You can read more about this new tool here.

Boom! Your shopping skills have just leveled up. We've got you mama—now, let's get those deals.